Saturday, February 28, 2009

I got hit.

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1.. A bottle of wine solves all my problems. ( and puts hubby to sleep!)

2. I live in the gay capital of the world in one of the most conservative countries.

3.I´ve been married for 4 years, together for 7, and it still feels like its the first year. I still get butterflies.

4. I have been alot of things: a pro. quilter, stylist, entreprenuer, and now an apprentice tattooist and piercer. (& at one point, a cocktail waitress.)I have a hard time committing to one thing and I don't plan on it.

5.. I always wished I was like other Chicanos and had family in Mexico and spoke fluent spanish. Now, I freakin live there and am picking it up hella quick.

6. I dreamed that my perfect man was straight gangster(haha), had the huevos to stand up for me, had respect, and took control... but also was intelligent, talented, respectful,family oriented, supportive, and capable of anything. I found him. <3

7. Our family has started a new tradition. Christmas will bring no gifts. Instead, we take a vacation together... to puerto vallarta, agaumilpas, merida... wherever we can spend time together.

8. I own a Sex shop in Mexico.

9. This last year was very difficult. I lost my best friend, my life that I had created, my family as a whole, and my identity. I found the true meaning of friendship, the deceit of so called friends, the value of family and how strong I am both emotionally and spiritually. While the year was difficult, I had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people that helped me through the hard time, whether it was listening, supporting or just going dancing to change the mood. I love you guys and I owe you, big time.

10. My kids are the best.. I think they are raising me. Every day, they remind me to be a little more patient, less precise, and enjoy life.

11. I've always wished I was one of those girls who could wear stilettos all night without braking an ankle or being in complete agony. ( thanks andrea!)

12. I´m a perfectionist. If you ask me to do something, it´s going to be done right. exactly right.

13.Punctuality is crucial. Apparently, that's a foreign concept here in Mexico.

14. I 've always been a fan of cheesy mexican stuff like the virgin of guadalupe, tradiional colors, day of the dead, and the calaveras.

15. I don´t panic in emergency. I stay cool, think clearly, and take control of the situation. I credit that to my parents who were policemen and taught us to react without emotion. Instead, I'll have a break down over waffles.

16. Someone shot my dog to death in my backyard when I was going through the divorce of my parents when I was 10. I'm still not over it.

17. I can't make a decision..... seriously... i can influence opinion, but you make the ultimate decision.

18. I love to fish with my husband, but in 7 years, I've prolly only held a fish 4 times.... for photos only... and cuz he MADE me. I'm scared to death of them. They'll prolly bite a digit off!

19. Until this last year, I never realized how much I still need my mom. She is the absolute, most supportive person in my life... even if i piss her off...which is quite often.

20. I hate to cook... but I love to experiment. Rarely will I cook the same thing twice. My kids are my guinea pigs.

21. Martha Stewart is still my idol. She's better than Barbie.

22. If i'm gonna have a nervous breakdown or my kids are driving me nuts and fighting... I start singing.... in the car, in the kitchen, where ever. I tell the kids, if I don't hear u singing.... you're grounded. It def. changes the mood.

23.. I once picked up a midget and took a photo with him. Dude, they're seriously heavy. Lucky me, I've got birthing hips to rely on for support.

24. I used to be a band nerd.... band camp and all.

25. I want my space all day, but i'm clingy when I sleep. Some part of my body has to be touching my hubby... or I can't sleep.

so since I haven't got a clue on ow to tag on here... let's do Sunshine (Mandy), Arcy, PuertoVallarta Girl, Carita Mia, El Random Hero. Thanks!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Plans

My five year old revealed his life's plans tonite. On the way home from work, he just starts yappin, and yappin.... and more yappin. We started talking among ourselves while he ranted on. All of a sudden we heard...

"Yeah, and I'm gonna have mmm... about 100 kids. And I'm gonna put their names on the board so I don't forget. It'll be like, Jimmy and Amy...."
~whoah whoah whoah. Those aren't mexican names!
"Yeah, and I'm gonna paint the house whatever color the kids want and get them lots of puppies. and if they are mean to the dog, I'm gonna punch them."
~PUNCH them??
"No, pun-i-sh them."
~Oh ok. where do you plan on getting kids like that?
"well.." he replied. "i'm gonna go to the States, and get a bunch of kids. I'll be gone for a long time, 2 months."
~Really? and whose gonna have 100 kids for you? a Mexican or American?
"American. Duh. Mexican girls are weird."
"And then, I'm gonna get like a girl, make babies, i mean, get babies. Then I'm gonna come back here and break your house down."
"Yeah, the little wall, so both our houses will be together!"
~Awww! That's so cute! Why? so you'll be near mommy forever?
"yeah, and you can babysit."
~Great. But what are you gonna do for money? All Dads have to make money to take care of their kids.
"You're gonna take care of them."
~oh no, i'm not. You have to. Who is gonna work?

The most simple, logical, and honest answer in the world.

"my wife."

we got some work to do.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let the Truth be Told.

Since I´ve been feeling kinda crappy, I´ve been on blogger quite abit. In some part, I´m a little jealous. I´ve been reading different blogs and listening to wonderful stories and events going on in Mexico and the gringos that attend and spend oblivious amounts of money and live in little white neighborhoods, in quite comfortable American homes; Expats that have a gazillion family member and friends to celebrate the holidays; those that are bilingual and have secure American jobs with American money. I wish I could look at Mexico as a vacation or have the money to visit some of the really cool sites here. I´ve always been a little hesitant to go visit the American clubs and events down here... not because I´m snobby, but perhaps a little embarrassed. I guess I´m a little (lack of better word) embarrassed of WHY we´re in Mexico and I know that plenty of people ¨can be¨ mean, so why even bother. So I guess we´ve made some friends...Mexican clients of my hubby´s and I know that they treat us a little different because 1. Every tattoo artist down here sucks, and they want something from my hubby (at a good price of course) 2. We¨re American. 3. No matter what, even if my hubby was born here, he´s still not considered Mexican. It´s helped my hubby adjust, but for me, it´s like a slow slow process of translation. I get the average dialogue, but throw in street words and Mexican expression and seriously, I´m lost. So after a few ¨dates¨, no one really talks to the white girl anymore. Too complicated. But I def. can have a conversation about sex toys and lubricants due to 4 hours a day in my Sex Shop!!! Haha. I´ll bet they can´t do that!
Hence, here´s my situation. This whole move to Mexico came as a shock to us. I don´t think I have anything to hide here online. I´m a profile, right?!? My hubby tried to fix his immigration status in the States and we did everything EXACTLY as INS said. They didn´t send us a denial and 30 days äfter¨the date, 9 cops came in to his work and took him. He sat in jail for six months fighting the case. They tried to give him 72 months in prison. For What? Apparently, doing what they told us to do. We fought it and fought it and INS got caught in so many lies on the courtroom stand that soon their replies turned to ¨We don´t remember exactly.¨ The judge apologized to us, but there was nothing that he could do but give hubby time served and release him to INS. So INS agents ridiculed and harrassed him and within a week left him at the border. Lifetime ban. Period. We left our house, jobs, family and life in the States to start again down south. I refused to move to the small town of hubby´s family because seriously, it is so outdated, that as a modern, tattooed mom with an attitude, I would get buried there. Instead, we moved two hours away to Guadalajara, where we could find opportunity, updated technology, & lifestyle similar (or closeas possible) to the States. ALL our money went into the move, keeping our house in the States, updating our crappy rental house in Mexico, customizing and starting a tattoo show for hubby (including supplies $$$), putting the kids in private school (since they don´t speak a lick of spanish), paying off our truck in the States so we could bring it down south, and buying the Sex shop next door to well, give me something to do. So while I sit back and stare at dildo´s all day, I get to thinking...
....and reading other expat blogs.... and guess what?!? I'm not alone. There are other women on here that didn't exactly PLAN on moving here, or have the best start here in Mexico, or are at least on the same page as where I at, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It feels good to know that even on my CRAPPIEST of crappy days here in Mexico.... I'm not unique,special or a martyr... which somehow makes me feel better, knowing that there's gotta be some good days coming my way!

p.s. FOR WORK, of course, we're going to the Expo Sexo in Mexico City this weekend. If you have the opportunity, I'd advise a visit. it's a huge event which is said to be as large as the expo in VEGAS!!! There will def. be a blog following. ;)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

By golly, I've got it.

I know what it is. My problem, I mean. Javo said something to me the other day. (he's my employee) From what I UNDERSTOOD, he said that I was different. Different from the people here. It's a good thing he said... but the people here in Mexico are cabrones. Todo. You want to do this, this, and this.... when you should sit back and just watch. It's different here in Mexico. You have to acostumbre.
I think that's it. I won't accept the fact that I'm here in Mexico and I don't want to change. And I think what makes it harder to adjust to this extreme Catholic and reserved community, is that I have always been a person to push the boundaries... to do what you say I can't. In the States, my whole family are policemen. Everyone... mom, dad, stepdad, uncles, aunts... you name it are conservative, republican, devout Catholic/Christian, reserved and highly opinionated. I come along... get a back piece, two sleeves and a spider tattooed on my neck, brought home a felon,tattoo artist, had my kids before marriage.. Blah blah blah, WHILE being successful. We supported ourselves a little untraditionally. I did hair and professional quilting (hehe), and sometimes passion parties at homes. Hubby tattooed and pierced, also doing a little motorcyle and classic car airbrushing at home. I loved our weird life. It just fit.
I want to have the same lifestyle that I did at home... but it seems to be so taboo here in Mexico. I don't wanna change... for anybody. Here in Mexico, I still have the tattoos and so does my hubby, but we got asked at private school functions, not to let them show so much....not because they have a problem with it, but other parents will... and they don't want that to affect our kids. Sometimes it was like that in the States, but tattoos and whatnot are so popular nowadays, it was only a problem with snobby snobby people and poor white trash who didn't think that they were. When i met new clients, I always toned it down and let me clients get to know me. Once they saw my work, then I didn't worry about it anymore. I'm a package, not a first impression.
Sex here is so taboo. So it's not a surprise that I didn't tell my kids' school that we own a Sex Shop. Since doing hair doesn't pay all that well here, I am also learning to tattoo and pierce. In fact, hubby, * on the hush*, let me practice piercing his belly button... which he removed 10 seconds later, of course. *wink wink. I love the rockabilly style and music, tattoo shows, and all that comes with it. AND i don't see a damn thing wrong with it. My kids are smart, well adjusted and have a more ROUNDED and realistic view of how the world really truly is. CRAZY CRAZY STORIES. But apparently, that's wrong here in Mexico. Women are more reserved and literally, stand behind their man. If I would have moved to my hubby's small, rinky dink town, I would have absolutely lost it. Here in Guadalajara, it's at least a bit more modern. I don't think I would have to change that much.Nonetheless, I've got some 'splaining to do... well at least a little changing.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just kick me already.

Lately i've been on a downward spiral. Everyone is noticing. Javo, after the whole break-in, noticed I've been real stressed and offered to come in all day and work, relieving me in the mornings. So yesterday, trying to get some other things done, i started to work on my taxes for the States. I get a phone call from my mom saying that hubby's bro is sticking him with a w2 that he "earned" money from the tattoo shop up there. WTF?!? He was in Mexico or in Jail last year. How in the hell!?! I'm not paying that much in taxes this year. I got screwed last year by my tax person and payed a $1000 to have my taxes done and get NO money back. I'm really cautious this year. So, I did what I prolly shouldn't have done. I called hubby at work and screamed at him, including that his bro was an asshole and blah blah. He has to take care of this, blah blah. And he said, fine, well, YOU tell my bro he is an ass. Whatever. I instead call his tax accountant and got a completely different answer. Well, by the end of the day, I got it all figured out. I found us a way to get a nice return and file it online. Then Mom calls and I suggest filing my taxes online and save the hefty filing fees. She flips out. She already made an appointment and what is she to do with it. Ask him to ammend last year's taxes. Oh no. She flips out. She's going to go fiddle with her new tarot cards. ARGH! I can't win. Then hubby gets home. I explain the whole tax thing. He thinks it's a great idea, then asks me if I called his bro to go off on him. No, if he didn't know what was going on, then I might as well call someone that does. Then, hubby flips out saying that I vent to him and have him take care of everything and he is so freakin stressed out. We didn't talk the rest of the night.

So, okay. Maybe I shouldn't have said all those things. Maybe I'm stressing a little more than i should be. But, fuck. Who can I vent to? Hubby says he's got way more responsibility. But I help him with his shop, my shop, my kids, cleaning the house, cooking and all the shit in the States. Plus, he spends his day painting, drawing, or tattooing and when he tattooes, he sits there and has random conversations with his clients. I can't. I talk to my kids and him. Maybe a bit to Javo, but really basic, and it's usually about work. I need a friend. I need to be able to release some of this tension. I don't have anyone to talk to, except vent on this damn blogger... and I KNOW that the people that are reading either live in Mexico with a similar situation or are going to live in MX and they don't want to hear how live freakin sucks. I'm lonely. Fuck it. I'm going to tell hubby that I want to go back to the States and visit. I'm tired and I want to be around people that I can converse with, joke around with, and damn it, just relax. He can take care of all the BS. But we don't have any money right now. Shit has been slow. Argh. Maybe when the tax rebate comes. Then I'm outtie.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I give up.

My store got broken into last night.

How? I don't know. In fact, Valentine's Day sales were really good and my employee thankfully dropped the cash with my hubby at the Tattoo shop. He closed up shop and gave hubby the keys. Well, today I rolled into work.. happy that I just bought 100 new videos at a great price only to find the cash box COMPLETELY empty. okay. Maybe Javo dropped ALL of the cash with hubby. Okay. I'll check the computer and verify sales and go on to check receipts. hmmm.... sales were over the amount dropped. hmmm... my slips are missing too. (daily drops etc.) I have NO IDEA where the money is, how much should be there etc.... FUCK. So I call Javo and ask him where the money is. (Now mind you, Javo is almost "gay", very honest, and straightforward about everything.) He said it was in the box. Nope. He was on his way down. He was just as shocked. He remembers exactly how much was left in the box. He wouldn't steal it. ANY time he has ever gave the wrong change, he fixes it out of his pocket. Plus, he's on commission and will be getting good sueldo this week AND he did a big drop before he left. If he was going to take it, wouldn't he have included all the money? He starts freakin out. Then hubby gets to thinking. The only other ones with keys would be the OLD owner and his horrible, backstabbing, thief employee. Old Ricky was dealing poppers, prostitutes, and spying on people. No wonder there is a bad name around the shop. In fact, he's pissed off at the old owner right now. i don't even think he knows that we bought the shop. Maybe he wanted to make it look easy. Maybe he'll come back. Javo wraps the money in the slips every night. So, all the slips were gone. Plus, later in the day, I noticed TWO masterbaters were missing as well. I KNOW Javo didn't take them. Gay guys just don't do that sort of thing. Nonetheless, we changed the locks tonight. A real register is coming next. Still waiting for cameras. Lucky for us, only 738 pesos plus the toys is gone. So, all in all, I only lost about 1000 pesos. (less than 100 bucks.) argh. I'm still irritated.
In the middle of the confusion, a client comes back. His penis pump doesn't work. ARGH!!!! it was an old product from the old owner. So yup, I took a loss on that one too and gave him a new one at a better price. Now, add another 400 pesos.
Still, I tried to be optimistic. I rearranged some things, priced the videos, etc.... And not ONE freaking person came into the store today. NOT ONE!!!! only people who wanted to sell their pirata crap or wanted money or wanted hookers. Seriously, I'm so freakin irritated right now.
Just when i thought it couldn't get any worse, in comes hubby. "Get the kids before I lose it." He never loses it. But I think he was about to. (the kids get back from school and go to his shop until i'm done at mine, then we go home) I close my shop and go visit his. Oh no. The kids thrashed everything, picked chunks off the adobe walls, dirtied the floor (he just mopped and is sick), were screaming, fighting, and crying. He had clients in the shop and the kids didn't give a shit.
I'm a horrible mom. Since hubby didn't lose it, I did. I'm so tired. I feel like all we do is give and try to make things easy. Well, apparently it's working, because the kids don't have to do squat. They didn't understand what was wrong. I don't know where we went wrong. Yesterday, they played in the store so hard, that Little One broke a bottle. Seriously, I thought I had control of my kids. On Saturdays, it's major clean and I yell ALL FREAKING DAY LONG to get some help with the dishes and their crap off the floor so I can sweep and mop. Yup, they have chores, but they only do them after I scream at the top of my lungs. THHHHHEEEEENNNNN..... they'll get up and off the computer or the wii. I'm freaking done. I got so pissed off. I told them that if they can't get along, then one of them is going back to the States. I shouldn't have done that. But I did. They blamed each other and called each other liars. Yippee. I took away the tv, computer, wii. I had Moosecake write a list of 10 things of something that someone else did for her and three things that she did for someone else. there was nothing. the ones she listed I crossed off as I reminded her how I had to yell 500 times to get her to do it. I'm so irritated.
Part of me blames my parents. And I know they don't do it to be mean, but to help my kids adjust, to give them what we can't, and well, just because they're the only grandkids. But damn, EVERYTIME my kids want something, they buy it. They don't have to clean, pick up, do anything. And when they fight, they get them both something to break it up. I can't deal with my own kids anymore. We barely have enough money to pay the bills and as soon as we pick them up from school, they want fruit cups from the street vendor. Okay. Then, the farmacia, extra big juices. Fine. Then, they don't want to wait till they get home, they convince dad to ORDER them food and then get mad when it's not the right amount.
Now I bet you're thinking, what little brats. And really, they aren't. They are good kids. I just don't know how we got to this point. If it was the move, the adjustments, the school,puberty, or the lack of communication with the world around us. I don't know.

I need a drink.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It is what it is.

Lately I've been thinking alot about home, my previous life abroad, my whole perception of living, and the life that I had created for myself. All of my preparations for life don't serve me here in Mexico. All my perceptions of how life should be lived have been proved wrong. The life that I had created for myself, was my solution to finding happiness. Or wasn't it?
I created my life to be what I thought was the way it was supposed to be. Lots of "friends", a nice house, an income, lots of extras, nice cars, popularity. And it was. I thought everything was perfect. My hubby's career was great, mine was just beginning. We had perfect kids, perfect house, perfect life.My hubby was successful. He was well liked whereever we went, but it seemed like a fight for his attention. I felt like I had to compete with everyone else in the room. My kids had more of a relationship with their grandparents than me. When everything fell apart almost two years ago, things started to unravel slowly. I didn't notice it at first, but overtime they began to surface. "Friends" stopped coming around, those that we helped quite a bit didn't come around because we could no longer help them, couldn't afford the extras, eventually the cars, and what was around me started to crash. The ones that I thought were closest to me, waited until I was out of the COUNTRY to let their feelings come out of the closet. In reality, how perfect was my life actually? Only what I perceived it to be.
Every morning, I wake up a little pessimistic, knowing that today will be another challenge: To survive, adjust, succeed, adapt, help, learn, and to accept what I cannot change. Here in Mexico, the graffitti, the crime, the ethics, the pay, the corruption, the third world livestyle, the loneliness, and the customs are not exactly what I had hoped my life would include. I always thought that my life would be different. Well, I guess now it is.
This morning in the shower, I was day-dreaming....random thoughts. Here, now. What am I doing? I'm not doing what I thought I would be. Back home, I did hair and I loved it. I quilted. I liked that too. for a while. I painted, but never really put any effort into it. But I always felt like something was missing. Now, I am learning to tattoo and pierce. I'm painting and drawing alot better, which can be frustrating at times, but I'm satisfied with the results. I OWN something now. Hehe, it might be a little Sex Shop, but I'll make it bigger and better. I have an employee. who knew?! More importantly, I have a better relationship with my kids. My hubby and I are now a team. I don't have to fight for attention. I don't feel second best. We have casual friends here in Mexico... but my hubby became my best friend all over again and I fell in love all over again.
Maybe this is a good move. It will strengthen my family, my relationship, my personal strength. We get to start again without the previous errors haunting us. We get to create the picture from the very beginning. Regardless of the trials and adjustments, maybe this is where we are supposed to be. If not, until destiny reveals itself, maybe Mexico isn't all that bad.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A little bit of whining, a little bit of Bitching...mostly bitching.

time to vent. ****

I'm still waiting to apply for my visa here in Mexico. I've got the tourist one, but that's about it. Hubby is supposed to apply for me, but his previous marriage in Mexico and divorce in the States, is racking up quite a bill. Because the town he got married in here in MX, is a tiny little unorganized brown dot on the freakin map, and has no clue about rules, regulations, government, organization, consistency, or even FAIRNESS. I swear, I think everyone here is trying to out cheat someone else. Anyways, we've had a really hard time with registering this divorce down here. First, we got all the documents from the States. I asked hubby if they needed to have the apostillaje (certification from the federal government). Simple enough, and about 25 bucks for each set. Nope. The lawyers down here said they didn't need that and they could take care of everything. My ass they would!!! They took the documents and sent them BACK to the states for the apostillaje and translation and conveniently sent us the bill for $10000 pesos. Which at the time, was about $1000 bucks. Okay. Our fault. We learned. Then, the judge wanted an ADDITIONAL piece of paper from the US, which the State of Nevada doesn't issue. Well, then he wanted an official paper stating that Nevada doesn't issue it. Well, shit, so i went back, went through hoops to get this paper signed and APOSTILLAJE, only to come back and note... OOPS. They got me for the translation fee. So, finally, we get a new lawyer... supposedly a family friend. RIIIIGHT!!! He gets all the stuff, gives it to the judges, and AGAIN, it's not enough. Now they want a RESPONSE from his ex, who by the way, lives in the states, is remarried, and a pain in the ass. So we create this whole thing, to contact her family here in Mexico and not give a response so the whole thing gets cleared. But again, here's the price... and additional $7000 pesos. I don't think I've got enough money to do that, then get myself a visa AND the kids. I swear, I think they're messing with us.

Next come our cars. We sold one in the States and my parents gave us their 95 camry to bring down. Well, apparently, the Camry is too old to register, and our 04 Suv, is too new. So again, with a price tag of 21000 pesos, just the camry can be legalized. I don't even think it's worth that anymore! I don't even want to imagine what the truck is going to be! Well, in the same little town, there is a UCD office... a United Campesinos-somthing, that's supposed to help repatriots coming back to Mexico bring their stuff down and have protection from the government without a huge price tag. Sweet. I got a tag for my camry that costs us $800 pesos. They assured us that all we had to do was bring our vehicle border tag and they would send that back to the border with a note saying that our car was in the process of being legalized. We returned is a week with the tag only to find out that there is an additional cost, $400 dollars (5500 pesos) AND afterward we still have to legalize the car. Let's not forget the SUV as well.

Let's keep going. Now the doctors bill for the surgery... and the uniforms cost, and school for the kids, and the fees for FM2 and whatnot.

What bugs me, is how are people here in Mexico able to afford to do all these things? seriously, you can say, well the things you want to do are focused at Americans, who are assumed to have money and I can agree. But for example when you go to BUrger King, or Costco, the merchandise there costs almost double what it would be in the states. With my shop, I went looking for new distributors yesterday. Found a couple of toys for sale for, get this, $1200 pesos. That's ALOT for a sex toy here in Mexico. What these people don't know is, that you can get an account with the manufacturer and get that exact same thing for $5 dollars plus s/h. These people are being screwed. Not only that, but they aren't being compensated for in pay. I seriously don't understand what the hell is going on. plus the dollar dropped again, so the value of the peso dropped again. it's at 14.15 pesos to the dollar. damn it.
On top of it, when my little store does okay, which is only around major holidays, my hubby's tattoo shop takes a hit. big time. then when I scrap by with mine, he's booked solid. I gotta adapt to this country quick. I can't figure out what's gonna happen next.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goodbye for now.

Grandpa left on Monday. The kids are hella bummed out, but Papa gave them one last "kick" before he left. On Saturday night, we all headed out to Aguamilpas, a lake right outside of Tepic, for a full day of fishing. Lovina is a fav. of my hubby's, so finding a lake with large and small mouth bass here in Mexico is a dream come true. (yup, my "cholo" is a fisherman. :) Anywhoo, so we set out Saturday night to get an early EARLY start Sunday morning.

A stay overnight at Corals Lodge, boat rental, and fishing guide for the entire day was 2100 pesos. A steal if you put it up against fishing at Casteic or Casitas Lake With Boat Rental and Guide (no hotel) for $400 DOLLARS. ridiculous. and they don't even guarentee you any fish! At Aguamilpas, it was ridiculously easy fishing, large fish, and the kiddos had a blast.

Even I got into it!

Papa did steal the show.

and during our lunchbreak, the lakeside restaurant cooked it up. It was the best fish I've ever had.
The only really strange thing on this trip was the journey there. You kinda travel through little ranches and small villages. There are cows crossing the street, no fences, donkey "herds" roaming around,either quite a few bad drivers or drunk drivers, (it was 11pm), and no kidding, a poor viejito passed out on the side of the road, a village made up of 3 houses, gigantic boulders in the road, and at one point, part of the pinche road was missing!!!

Overall, it was a great trip. No one was burned, everyone caught fish and enjoyed the moment. Papa said his goodbyes and flew back to the freezing snow, where Grams was waiting, and the kids are back in school... waiting for Grams and Papa to come back again in March.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Miracles in Mexico

I'm a medical mishap. (i'm also on a roll with blogs today, but it's been a busy week) I can't tell you how many things are wrong with me... So many in fact, my hubby reminds me often that I should have provided him with a list prior to our marriage... so he would know exactly what he is getting into. I've got psoriasis, scoliosis, back surgeries, mental problems (don't we all), slow metabolism, hearing loss, severe allergies, sinus problems,pre-cervical cancer,pre-skin cancer, weak teeth,accident injuries,a gazillion fractures, severe vertigo, and on top, I'm a klutz. Vertigo is the worst, not like you get up too fast and you get dizzy, but Vertigo like I'm on the floor for hours just for the hell of it, and i can't get up. It's pretty bad. In fact, my hubby and I waited getting married because I was still on dad's insurace for all my CAT scans and whatnot. I've been going to doctors for years and never got a straight answer. Specialists, CAT scans, heavy meds... nothing worked. You never know when it's gonna hit... but my ears start ringing really bad, my face hurts like sinuses, my throat closes up and I can't swallow or breathe, and then boom. My eyes start darting, i can't keep a balance, I start vomiting and I can't move AT ALL. Longest times, I think was for about 8 hours. It was horrible. My parents used to drive an hour to come pick up my kids because I couldn't pick up my baby or take care of the kids. They helped me more than ever.
Doctors in the States kept giving me one reason over another. More tests. More meds. Come see me in two weeks. Nothing helped and it kept getting worse and soon I was without insurance. Hospital visits were way too much. I think one set of xrays was $2500 billed to the insurance. My back surgery was well over $100,000. I seriously was scared that it would be something fatal or rare. I didn't want to live like this forever.
I always heard that Mexico was the place for miracles. They had meds and care just like the States, but it does come with a price tag. If you can't pay, they don't help. Simple. BUT, the services here are still cheaper than those in the States. Only bad part, no insurance. But I guess that;s what makes things better. There are no doctors milking the insurance. No insurance trying to lessen your care. No Pharmaceutical companies trying to make a profit. In Mexico, they want to get paid and they'll cure you. My BIL hurt his eye really bad that it turned completely white! States said it will go away on its own and gave him pain killers. It never went away, and only got worse. My hubby sent him to Mexico and turns out it was a baterial infection. He got the meds and now he's fine. Another friend SHOT himself in the head. Hubby took him to the hospital. They asked for money up front and hubby gave it to them. They did surgery on his brain for $6600. They saved his life and he is fine. Doctors in the states are amazed. There are more stories. But they come with a price.
Well, I finally went to a doctor in Guadalajara. Visit, $400 pesos. Not bad. He asks for a blood test $1200 pesos, a audio test, $1500 pesos, and a sinus xray of my entire head, a whopping $2500pesos!!! Not a whole lot for all those tests in the states, but when you're not making that much in Mexico, that's a fortune!!! Nonetheless, I finished the tests and saw the doctor for the final result. You have a breathing problem, he said. No I don't! 'Yes, you do. Let me explain.' He went through this whole diagram, bringing all the tests together, about how this affects that, that contributes to this, this causes that... all resulting in your Vertigo.
WHAT!!!! And he mentioned that it IS curable!!! are you freaking kidding me?!? yup, with surgery... on the one part of my face that I like. My nose. It would be a simple outpatient surgery. They would cut the interior of my nose, create a passage way so that the fluid could drain and clean the area out. While they're in there, they'll also straighten out a bone or cartilage to make the breathing easier.
After his explanation, it all made sense. All my different symptoms all merged into one problem. Here, in third world Mexico, they've figured it out.
Surgery does come with a price tag. Certainly less than in the States, but I don't have insurance and everything here is paid in full. He did give us an option. SIN RECIBO. without a receipt. everything and everyone is taxed. HAHA, yup, I'm in Mexico. Off the books, everything including hospital, anesthesia, doctor, instruments etc... would be 28,000 pesos. With the exchange rate that's about $2000. Not bad. But i don't have that kind of money. We'll start saving. The doctor reassured me that I've lived with this for years and I can do it for some more... but now I have an option and when I'm ready, he'll be there. I'm excited that it's curable. I'm excited that its not going to be forever. I'm excited that's there's options. I just don't know where I'm going to get the money. :(

Official Beaners.

That's it. My kids are official mexicans, completely immersed into Mexico. Why you ask? Well, they are enrolled in a private Catholic school and now have their UNIFORMS!!! I found this hilarious. (the price tag was not so funny) The kids didn't though. Nonetheless, they will now fit in with the other kids and not be so different. It's funny to think that my kids are now going through what my hubby did in the states. He was an immigrant kid, in a new school, not knowing the language, subject to sometimes cruel opinions of kids and teachers, the frustrations of fitting in, and adjustments. My kids are subject to the same in Mexico. The frustrations of not knowing the language are sometimes overwhelming and the culture difference will be difficult to understand. They WILL be different. There is no way around that, but we did our best to eliminate as many of the obstacles as we could. There will still be judgemental people, whether in Mexico or in the States. There will be times where we will be against the cultural majority. There will be days of frustration and loneliness. But like my hubby, I do look forward to this opportunity for my kids because in spite of all that he has been through, it has made his an incredibly strong and intelligent person. This experience will only make my kids stronger and more aware of what surrounds them as well as what they are up against. So yes, my kids are official beaners.

Tattoo update.

I tattooed hubby's leg again today. I got to fill in the color on the rose. The leaves are still healing so I didn't touch them.... maybe next week. Slowly but surely. So here you go! p.s. this time i only needed ONE beer! hehe.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Poo-slinger, Lou Dobbs

Now I'm a big fan of CNN. It might be the fact that it's the only real American news channel that we get here in the middle of Mexico. Most of the newscasters, I feel, are pretty neutral and give the nonpartisan influence.... news is news. Except, the more I watch, the more and more Lou Dobbs irritates me. I mean, really irritates me. "Non partisan independant" my ass. His news stories are more hypothesis and opinion more than fact. He throws vast accusations around like a monkey flings its poo. I don't like him. But I still watch it.

Tonight irritated me even more so. Tonight, good ole Lou did yet another report on the war on drugs. It's appalling to hear his claims of honor as he spits forth bigotry, almost a perverse hatred. In his "Broken Border" segment, he sites "Mexican" immigration as being a problem... not Chinese,or Indian, or Canadian. I understand that he fights for secure borders and immigration reform, but not after he applaudes the efforts of Minutemen vigilantes. Of course, he included mentioning how illegals are the ones bringing all the drugs in the country, smuggling other immigrants, and how the gangs in the US are from Mexico.Daily, he spouts his rhetoric on Mexican immigration with such tenacity, acting as "if" he is one of us, reiterating the fact that these illegal criminals are draining our economy through welfare and medical care. If only he had checked those claims first and realized that only 13% of immigrants, legal or not, obtain social services. He must not have realized that 38.8% are white and 37% are african american. Oops. He must have missed that one. But it won't matter. He'll go on to demand more ICE raids and more families torn apart. Gotta love his ethics.

Later in the day, I found a really interesting website and i've linked to my "blog's I follow" list on the right. The website is and there is an immigration blog with current news, activists, letters, etc... that are underway. To become part of the immigration movement, please check out the website and learn something new. While you're at it, Sign the petition for the DREAM act. Finding sites like this make me realize that Lou Dobbs DOESN'T represent normal, middle class Americans like us. We're better than that. We can make a change.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Whole lotta goodness.

First, buy a lowrider arte magazine. They did the Guadalajara Tattoo expo and there is a pic of my hubby tattooing me!!! Yippee!

Second, Kiddos started school today.

This morning got started a little early... I don't think they were quite ready for it!!!
How exciting huh? Papa came down from the States to help us take his grandkids to school for the first time. Moosecake took it like a champ, even though it was harder on her with the language barrier. Little One though, didn't like the idea from day one. He dragged last night. He dragged this morning. He dragged up the steps of the school. Except when it was time to go into class. He clenched my hubby's arm, clothes, body, whatever he could get.... started crying and screaming his head off. I was devasted. I didn't have to go. I could wait with him for a bit. But no, teachers said we had to go. I heard him screaming down the hall. I thought he was going to go into a panic attack or something. Hubby reminded me that he did the same thing when he went into day care for the first time. Fine. I remember. Moosecake never did that. Girls are tougher. Little One is a momma's boy.

I was counting the hours, the minutes, the seconds to go and pick them up. In fact I read the clock wrong and was ready to go 45 min. early. Damn. I'll go back to work. When time came, we hustled over there so fast, just to find Little One, happy as a clam, playing on the floor with some blocks. I should have known. He ran over so happy. The lady at the front unlocked the gate and he slowly came over and acted like nothing had ever happened.... like he had the best day in the world. And he did. He not only understood the spanish school... but also helped the other kids with their english in english class. He was quite proud.

Moosecake had it a little harder. First, her lunch box leaked. Then, the kids were so excited to see her, they kept asking question after question, and she only could answer her name. Finally, she was able to handle the english class cuz, duh.... she was the only one who spoke it perfectly. She was a little overwhelmed overall. But, she made it throught the day. Tomorrow will be better.

I am really diggin this school. First, the kids brought chips in their lunch. They weren't allowed to eat them... haha... cuz it was junk food. 1 point for mom. Only nutricious food is allowed in lunches. Second, the school made an exception for Moosecake and allowed her in without a test and as a "listener" only. Another point, as this will relieve some pressure off her shoulders. SHe will follow along and be responsible for math and whatnot, but this year is basically for her to meet kids and adjust to the culture and language. Third, the "english" teacher is going to set time out to work just with her on her spanish twice a week. I can't ask for more than that. The teachers are going to work with them both on their spanish and can understand a little english themselves. The school is very nice, reasonable in price, and close to the shop. I think I'm more excited than the kids. Unfortunetly, they did ask us heavily tattooed parents, when there are school events, to please try and cover up a bit... not because the CATHOLIC school rejects it... but most parents who have their kids in private school are somewhat snobby and will have their kids be mean to ours. And my hubby and I agree. It's not fair for the kiddos. They barely batted an eye when hubby told them that he tattoos for a living. We left it at that. I couldn't bring myself to tell them about the sex shop. ***

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hard Knocks, Doh!!!!

The streets of Guadalajara come alive at night. My hubby and I celebrated our anniversary last night and decided to check out a restaraunt that we had seen on Discovery. We searched for a good while, getting lost on sidestreets and whatnot. Santo Coyote restaurant was definetely worth the effort. I highly recommend any visitor to Guadalajara to check this place out. The food was great... about 220 pesos a plate, the atmosphere was phenomenal, and the entertainment was there, but not overpowering. They had elaborate Mexican decor, Folklorico dancers, murals everywhere. At first, the waiters seemed kinda presumido, but start a conversation and they are more than willing to help you out. They gave us names and directions to other bars and clubs, places that hubby and I would want to check out. We enjoyed a bottle of wine and set forth to the next club.

We ended up, believe it or not, at an Irish pub. After a few beers, and starting to feel a little comfortable, I spotted, yup... DUFF beer. haha... from the Simpsons!!! Definetely had to have one. Hubby said it's like Sam Adams, but I guess they make it here in Guadalajara. A few shots later, I asked the DJ to throw on some Michael Jackson, for old times sake, and he threw on the video and all. Rockin out with Hubby made the night worth it.

Last night was great. WIthout the kiddos, we had a night to flirt and play.... turning out like it was one of our first dates. I kinda pushed his boundaries a bit. While driving home, I threw on some cumbia and told him to pull over. I got out of the car and pulled him out. We danced in the streets. He was a little uncomfortable at first, but then went with it. We had so much fun, just going with it and being silly. I reminded myself again why I love him so much and why I married him. I don't think the night could have got any better. We had a fabulous dinner, a transition at a pretty hip bar, had a Duff (have you had one???), got to listen to Micheal, danced in the streets......with the man I loved for the last seven years. Well, it almost did. After that, we kinda started making out in the car, like we were kids. Yup. and just like we were kids.... cops came. Not the cops in the States, but crooked Mexican cops. Pulled hubby out of the car... threatened to take us to jail, impound the truck everything. They even took my hubby's wallet out of my hand and opened it up.... twice checking how much freakin money he had. I should have known better and hidden the damn thing. Hard Knocks. They emptied our wallet. Charging us 2000 pesos. Crooked sons of bitches. Nonetheless, I didn't care. I wouldn't have changed a thing. I had the best time in the world with my best friend.... and then got quickly reminded that now I'm in Mexico.

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