Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Plans

My five year old revealed his life's plans tonite. On the way home from work, he just starts yappin, and yappin.... and more yappin. We started talking among ourselves while he ranted on. All of a sudden we heard...

"Yeah, and I'm gonna have mmm... about 100 kids. And I'm gonna put their names on the board so I don't forget. It'll be like, Jimmy and Amy...."
~whoah whoah whoah. Those aren't mexican names!
"Yeah, and I'm gonna paint the house whatever color the kids want and get them lots of puppies. and if they are mean to the dog, I'm gonna punch them."
~PUNCH them??
"No, pun-i-sh them."
~Oh ok. where do you plan on getting kids like that?
"well.." he replied. "i'm gonna go to the States, and get a bunch of kids. I'll be gone for a long time, 2 months."
~Really? and whose gonna have 100 kids for you? a Mexican or American?
"American. Duh. Mexican girls are weird."
"And then, I'm gonna get like a girl, make babies, i mean, get babies. Then I'm gonna come back here and break your house down."
"Yeah, the little wall, so both our houses will be together!"
~Awww! That's so cute! Why? so you'll be near mommy forever?
"yeah, and you can babysit."
~Great. But what are you gonna do for money? All Dads have to make money to take care of their kids.
"You're gonna take care of them."
~oh no, i'm not. You have to. Who is gonna work?

The most simple, logical, and honest answer in the world.

"my wife."

we got some work to do.


Paul said...

Just found your blog, I like it. We are older, live in Mazatlán. It is a nice mix of working port city and tourist destination. We live in Centro and get along with everyone.

I wondered how my tattoos would be received here, but no bad reaction, this is a pretty laid back place.

Good luck with your new life in Guadalajara, you could be in a lot worse place than that.

Amanda said...

lol, Oh my gosh I just laughed until it hurt. Thanks for this. I love kids. "Mexican girls are wierd" Ohhh man still laughing over that one.

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

That was so wonderful. I loved it.

Mama of 4 said...

Hehe.. For a second there I thought you were talking about baby plans for you!

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