Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's Complicated....

It's been almost two years now since I've left you... and I had a hard time letting go.

I've moved on to the Dark Side, only to compare everything, and everyone to you.
and only you. ♥
I think I'm beginning to let go now. 
Don't worry.
You haven't changed.
But I have.
And now I can laugh at your ass everytime I come back.

                                              Right off the plane... cruisin' on Crenshaw. ;)

And immediately, saw this.....
(I couldn't edit the photo, it's a Hydroponics store.... big word for a pothouse.)
Back home ain't got nothing on this!

I officially take back all the smack I talked about Mexican women all dressed up for pinche Chuckee Cheese..... this woman snagged the prize... at Disneyland.

Super psyched to find a fruit stand with fresh produce in Merced County
but it came with additives next door....

and I STILL don't understand why people here don't GET roundabouts!!
Try Mexico City people!!!

                         Nothing but love,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off to a Great Start

We finally made it. Back to the Mothership. The Mainland. The fill in the blank.  Surprisingly, we made it from GDL to LAX without a problem (kudos to Volaris airlines who managed to ARRIVE n DEPART on schedule!!!) and wasted no time. We decided to play hooky the last two days of school and head out to Los Angeles instead. Arriving at 9 am and after a quick breakfast, by about 10:30, we were already posing for photos with, you guessed it, MICKEY!

Grandma and Pops had planned a day of Disneyland... and not only that, but the following day, California Adventure. It was a busy two days followed by ANOTHER two days in Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park. Can I tell u how difficult it was convincing 2 kids that big trees were just as cool as disneyland? Uh, you can't. Unless you find Bambi.  Little Monster transformed back into my Little One on rides like Indiana Jones and, believe it or not, Pirates of the Carribean, where he clutched on my arm, leg, chest, head, whatever part he could to keep him safe. he's such a momma's boy ;) and Demon Child emerged as my growing so fast-i wanna-go-on-the-fast-rides-oh-no-wait-i'm-scared little Princess who still loves going on the Carousel and maybe, Space Mountain. We had a blast. Pictures were mandatory.

and we filled three camaras.

Hats (preferably ears) were also required.

isn't this gorgeous?

And now that we've made it home, we've been busy little bees. So much to do, so much to write!!! 
Saludos a todos back home! 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hot and Bothered.

Aaaaahhhh...... The rain has finally returned to Guadalajara. Temperatures have dropped, slight humidity has settled in, and I no longer have to scream remind my adolescent demon  princess that she needs to put on deodorant. Besides the daily mini-flooding, I love the rainy season. I love the fresh feeling. I love that I can begin making Tortilla Soup and Hot Chocolate. Everything is great.

Except that my mean, ferocious, intimidating pit bull turns into a damn pussy.

Every night, the clouds break and the sky lights up. The roar of the thunder shakes the walls, and the streets flood. Sounds like the beginning of a cozy night with hubby, right?

I get rushed by my weenie dog, instead.

As soon as the thunder starts, puppers starts freakin out. He gets up in his crate and starts knocking the walls. So of course, to shut him up quiet his tension, we let him out and put him on his special pillow in demon's princess' room. BOOOOMM!!! The thunder hits again. Someone's breathing on me. Puppers is by my bedside heavy panting in my ear. Ugh.Fine. Lay down Pussy Puppers. BOOOOMM! He's back up in my ear EVERY 30 seconds to make sure I'm still there.

So much for a freakin guard dog. 
I'm gonna invest in a cat.

side note: Demon Princess has declared that she has copyright over the above fotos and required permission and recognition to use them. So there ya go.

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