Tuesday, November 1, 2011

(started on his birthday... posted waaaay too late.)

Today my little monkey turns 8 years old. It's crazy to look back on old photos as if it were yesterday. Time flies fast and it's seems as if overnight he grew into a little man.
While I'm so excited to be sharing this day with him... it makes me sooo sad. My little monkey is growing up. I know. I know. Super sappy...... but my snuggle bunny is too old to snuggle. My bubble head has finally grown into his head. And my Stinkerbell..... well..... we still battle on the shower part.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When in Rome.....

Well I did. And tried everything that I remembered from the Olive Garden menu. (how cultured am I? hehe) The tiramisu, sopa fagioli, pizza, gelato, prociutto, mozzerella, and lots and lots of WINE. Low-carb... impossible.

Hubby and I got an invitation to participate in the Rome Tattoo Convention in, you guessed it, Rome Italy. Before hubby had to asked twice, I had my bags packed and ticket from Reno purchased. The kids went home to GDL with Pops and I joined hubby in little Italy. Mind you, expos are alot ALOT of work. All day until late, late at night.... so most of these photos were taken... uh, at night.

Rome was amazing. Even better, we got to spend the time with great people. What more can you ask for. ♥

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I've been living in Mexico now for about a two years with my hubby and 2 kids. Not exactly by choice, but we're here nonetheless. Luckily, I live with quite a few of the accomodations that i was used to in the states. In spite of those convienences, we also have a water tank with asbestos, outdated electricity, massive amounts of dust, caterpillars that burn your skin, and thousands of windshield washers on every street corner. My kiddos and I are learning to speak spanish and adjust to life away from our family and friends in the States.


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