Friday, March 27, 2009

Check out my dance moves.

I'm conceited and I don't care. My kids are the cutest in the world. haha.... My kids' school had a 'Festival de Primavera' and all parents were invited. Each class had a song to present... with costumes to pump it up. We couldn' find one here, so we just kinda bought some animal fur fabric and cut it up.

Moosecake is in 4th. We found some cute butterfly wings and painted her face. They lipsinged and danced away... all as Mariposas. She rocked it.... a little nervous... but she shook what her momma gave her. I seriously think that if they would have played any song from High School Musical, she would have done a solo... but they gave that to the 3rd graders. It didn't matter though, she was dancing along in her head. She was great.

Little One HATED his outfit... AND the face paint. I don't know if the little girls at school told him he looked cute, but after that, our little lion was prancing around as if he were king. Music started.... STRAIGHT MEXICAN... those crazy chicken dance like songs.... and he was stuck in the back. I got out my camera anyways. He flashed a coy smile and busted out with the best dance moves ever!!!! The teacher noticed his enthusiasm (and that he was the only kid that had rhythm.) and quickly put him and his dance partner up front and center. It was so awesome.

Both kids blended in to their new found school... and Little One stole the show.

Love and Hate

I hate Mexico.... and I love it. . I've been so stressed/excited/busy/pissed/preoccupied...all at the exact same moment....These last two weeks have been tough.
My parents have been in town... and they cant exactly get around by themselves. However, when they are here, its great because:

1. Because there is always food in the fridge.
2. The extra help with the kiddos.
3. We get to do all the cheesy touristy stuff.

This last sunday, we headed out to Magdalena and Tequila. Yup, to try tequila. Not that I was objecting or anything. We headed out to some little tequila ranch, La Confrandia... or something like that. My parents had already been to Cuervo, so that one was out. We got a little liquored up, and off we went. Hubby was a show off and tried to do the whole harvesting a f'in agave. The tickets were 130 pesos, but included the bus ride over and back, tour, variety of tequila tastings, and dinner. The dinner was worth it alone. While we were waiting for the bus ride back, we took a variety of all those cheesy Mexican photos that you always wanted to take, but never had the huevos.

Next, a few weary travelers headed into our tattoo shop...heard of hubby and came for a tattoo.... quite a few tattoos. They were hella cool. It felt so good to speak English and talk to someone with the same mentalidad. So off we went... spent a few nights hanging out at our local IRISH pub....(believe it or not, there are a sh*tload of pubs in this town) and a couple bars. I don't know how we did it, but we ended up with a hangover and a couple of cool ass pillows.

Hmmm.... Work... vendors are horrible here and stick to a time schedule all their own... but when they are ready, they expect your attention/payment pronto. Sales have been down since an electrical wire, I guess, rubbed against a tree branch, popped and set the branch on fire in front of my shop. Firemen came... just to stop traffic to the street and watch it burn. Nonetheless, it stopped ALL traffic and blew all our power. Bummer.

**Note. Not actual photo... but same idea.
Even worse,(Im updating a little late), but my kids witnessed one of the crazy mexican drivers slam his car into the rear of another. He came out bleeding all down his face and shirt... Hubby jumped out of the car to help the guy out. Kiddos were really freaked out and couldn't stop thinking about it all night. NOW they understand why Im so addiment about seatbelts.

I also am searching for a new employee. My last one didn't understand why it was a bad thing to not show up to work one day.... then have your brother call in sick for you AFTER you were supposed to be there, the next. He didn't understand why you cant have your friends or your boyfriend hang out all day at the shop. But he threw a temper tantrum and stopped coming in. Its best for us both. Now that I know what it's like to have an employee, I'll have a better understanding of what to put up with and what not, what to ask, and how to get it done. Breakups are usually hard...sniffle sniffle... but I'm sure I'll get over it.

Hubby also has the added pressure now of helping throw the Mexico City Tattoo Show, which I'll be one of the judges... AND the Guadalajara Show. Hard part is that they come right in a row.... with our tattoo shop anniversary on the side.... with a huge party, dj, live band and all. This is going to be a headache.... especially since we're trying to bring that American/Urban Tattoo style down to Mexico...with full body airbrushing, skateboards shows, bands, booty shaking contests, old cars tricked out, raffles, DIFFERENT vendors, a higher quality of work,rockabilly and pinstriping shows and graffiti demonstrators. We are trying to show that tattoos don't revolve around metalheads and flesh hangings.... there is a variety of interests. Try finding all that in Mexico... OR Try bringing that down to Mexico. Even the tattoo artists are scared to come down here in fear of kidnapping.

Hubby and I had that *talk* last night. He talked... I listened/zoned off. He asked me if I was happy here. Seriously? I didn't answer 'cuz he never stopped talking and knew that I wouldn't. What am I gonna say? He said that I am paying too much attention to my business and not the kids...I'm on the computer too much...THEN I replied... Nope. I haven't been on blogger in over a week. But it didn't matter...he's scared I'm gonna go back.

I want to and I don't... all at once. The whole love and hate thing. My hubby and I reversed places. I am now going through what he went through as a child in another country. Im on a tourist permit, illegally working here in Mexico. How strange. I'm illegal. I cant speak to people... the customs are difficult to understand, the social *rules*, hard to adhere to. But I love him dearly and I think this change will benefit our family. I think I'm stressing so much because I want to pick up where we left off.... comfortable. I hate starting from scratch. He tells me that I need to be more realistic. You can't accomplish 7 years worth of work in a day... but I dream.. and that's my problem. I want more. Bad thing is, I'm a horrible mom. I try to make more money and more opportunity to benefit my kids and give them what they want.... instead of spending quality time with them.... the one thing that I promised that i would do more of. Damn. and now, thanks to my EX employee, I have to spend 9 hours a day in my shop... meaning my kids spend all their free time in my hubby's shop. I hope this will get better soon. I'm running out of patience.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Get up and go.

I've been wanting to post this for some time now....

not because I have a bike...
or i'm hella athletic...
or that i currently use it....

Just for the fact that I hate hearing/reading that Mexico is so poor and every Mexican is fat and unhealthy. (nope, just the ones in the States)

This sign is up every Sunday on busy streets... (This one is on Vallarta) and not just one or two streets, but all over the city. The streets are shut down, which can be a huge pain in the ass if you don't know where you're going, and hundreds of people are out rollerblading, bike riding, and jogging.

Kudos to Mexico.

The U.S. needs something like this.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New lesson.

Today, I began my next lesson. Line work. Lots and lots of line work. Hubby was surprised. It actually came out nice and only took me half the time to do!!! must be nerves! (if you haven't noticed, this piece that normally would take a few hours, is being drug out to be quite a few lessons. I assume Hubby has a plan... and I will follow his orders.) Hope you like!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tattoo Expo Monterrey

This week has been hella busy. Right after the Sex Expo, my parents flew in at midnight. A few days later, we headed off to the tattoo show in Monterrey. It went well. Didn't really take a whole lot of photos.. but we hung out with great people and sick ass tattoo artist from all over. Tattoos didn't stop at the expo. You could find them in the hotel by putting your ears up to the hotel door. All night you could hear machines running, beers popping and spanglish all over. It was awesome. I bought some new plugs and a ring. Hubby won best color tattoo. Sweet! Opened up some new connections too. We'll be helping out and assisting with the tattoo expo in Mexico City this upcoming June. Hubby will be airbrushing and donating a beach cruiser... and giving a seminar on color and tattoo layout. (His first was realism and portraits.) It's kinda nice for him to be recognized for his talents. :) Hmmm... what else. Almost missed our flight at 6 am and then it got delayed by 3 hours. I swear... only in Mexico. I'm still pretty exhausted. So...I'm outtie.

Friday, March 6, 2009


well, it*s come and gone.... and you didn*t miss much. I was hella excited to go and check out all of the Mexican porn stars and find new distributors, but it didn't work out that way. It was fun. There was like a whole Marti Gras thing on the way in and a few REAL porn stars taking photos....and the fact that it was SLAMMED. The ticket line was ridiculous. Good thing we got ours free! And really creepy people all over the place.

Hubby and I avoided the "hot spots" and went to work. Kama Sutra, Xaviera, KChondiuxxx...all major distributors in Mexico.... we met, chatted and walked away with their information. We also ran into our bondage guy and talked him into consigning us about 10,000 pesos worth of bondage lenceria etc... and surprisingly, he was completely cool with it. He liked the idea of how I plan on transfoming our shop and since he doesn't have another introduction into GDL, we might be his opportunity to open up distribution in our town. Win/Win for us both. We tried some of the big name knock off brands in Mexico like TanTra (which is a line off of Kama Sutra) but it fell short. I was really disappointed with its quality. But coming home, I checked its prices with the companies I have in the states and it is ridiculously overpriced. (Meaning I can buy twice as much AND pay the import tax and shipping and STILL be cheaper!) It's so sad what they do to these mexicans...and people wonder why they don't have or can't afford all that we have in the States. For one, the US gets it cheaper and two, competition is fierce. Here in Mexico, we found that all 7 distributors have the EXACT SAME SHIT. it's ridiculous. I guess we are just gonna have to start importing. If anyone wants to help, I will tip with toys! :) haha. We did find some really good deals on DVDS... really recent. no pirata for about 15-18 pesos a piece. His selection was insane and he was close by in Leon. Our current one is now officially replaced! Lenceria was another item on our list. Same thing. It fell short. Ridiculously overpriced. I don't know how these companies do it, but I do have an appointment with a mens line today. Hopefully this one will work out considering I'm in the Gay capital of the world. I need something a little different. I was exhausted. We grabbed a couple micheladas and joined the crowds.

After business was over... we checked out the "pene riding" competition.... kinda like bull riding... i guess, Stripper wrestling,and batman. yup, batman. I saw him walk by in full gear. I actually took a pic to show my son who is a HUGE batman fan... and then... it came off.

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