Friday, November 20, 2009

Nothing special


Today it felt good to "dress up" (meaning, nice sweater, jeans, boots, makeup and hair done) and go to lunch with an old girlfriend today.

I forgot what it was like to take a second and just....

feel beautiful.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet Virginia.

Screw the shot. I got stabbed. 

#3 on my wishlist of things to get done....

I went to PP and got the god-awful coochie test. Why do you want to hear this? Because, maybe if you're like me, the longer you stay outta the States... you prolly don't have insurance any longer. Yes. There are plenty of qualified gynos in Mexico... but I don't feel that comfy with my drawers dropped and hubby standing right behind me, translating for me about my whoo-ha.  There are some things we just don't do.
Good news. After my finger stabbing and blood check,  my blood sugar levels are great, I am NOT anemic, and I'm negative on the hiv. Fabulous, right? I got my check up and when it came down to pay...the bill was $40.  Forty dollars. And if you really don't want to pay the $40, since I'm no longer making an income in the States.... it is not mandatory. Well, Shheeesh... I could afford the 40 bucks.... and feel a whole lot better knowing that I took care of myself on this trip. I should get my results back in a week, hopefully before I leave... and pray those cancer cells haven't come back. 
So all you ladies, please get a check up, if you haven't already, next time you head back to the States. It won't drain your bank account and you'll feel like a million bucks.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dolla Dolla Bill Y'all.....

Started out like this....

Moved here.....

and ended up there.

Or maybe not in that particular order... but all were a part of yesterday's crazy, crazy times. I met up with quite a few kats yesterday, starting off with Efran, one of hubby's homies from waaaaay back in the day. This kat paints cars and had painted our old ride with a clean ass flake and the base flames on our truck. If we ever do decide to buy that 58 impala that's been around town in GDL, he's def. the guy to come down and paint it! He's amazing!

I met up later, after checking out bridesmaid dresses and doing lil sis' hair, with those crazy kats who spent Cervantino with us in Guanajuato. It was Tupa's birthday, and what could be better than starting off with a bottle?

Remember last time, starting with a bottle? You would think I learned the consequences of mixing drinks... but no. My liver isn't speaking to me. Starting at the Fireside Lounge, we started with a scorpion. I thought it would be those flaming ones from Mexico... but was greeted with Rum soaked gummy worms instead. Wine, cocktails, tequila and beer summed up our night, ending the fun at the Men's Club. With all our dolla' bills lined up, we were a bit disappointed to see the D-list lined up on a Monday nite. The night ended with Biscuits and Gravy back at the casino... and I drove safely home.
and the cop car?

ha. that was Efran's project for the day. I took the photo for old times sake. Trying to forget, err...  remember the last time I was in the back of a po-po.

Crazy times in Reno.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time to Party!!!

Post #100

Who knew this blogger thing would be soooo addicting?
First off, kudos to all of you who are sharing their daily frustrations here in Mexico and...

THANK YOU to the people that read my silly blog and make me feel NORMAL!!! You are amazing!

I originally started this blog to vent and express my inner frustrations that, at the time, were difficult to relay to dear ole hubby. What I didn't expect, was to find a wide variety of wonderful women (and men!) who are struggling and enjoying the daily battles and triumphs in beanerville. Thank you again. Keep doing what you do best. As much as you all make things easier for myself and family to adjust, I would like to contribute a little more. Are there any questions or requested topics that you would like to see on here? I think I post such random things, it would be nice to post something that might just make someone's journey a bit easier.

The phone lines are open.

With all thanks aside, I am freeeeezin in Reno. I thought it was chilly in Mexico, but here in Reno, it's pushin' 40 during the day and God-awful bone chilling temps at night. After leaving, Little One has been sick and daddy took him to the ER (for 200 pesos... can u believe that?!?) and he ended up with a shot. :( Moosecake is already tired of playing little momma. And hubby, he's pissed that Sportsmans' (sporting goods in Reno)doesn't carry his precious Sweet Beavers any longer. (HA! it's a fishing lure, i swear!) I WAS able to find at CostPlus World Market a wine pump for $10 bucks and Misto, an olive oil spritzer, for $10 as well. What a find! There goes two to my wishes right off the bat for a reasonable price. (I also saw them at Bed Bath & Beyond). I also, have not smoked,drank more than a ONE glass of wine at a sitting, and made an appt with PP for a routine PAP. I'm on a roll!!! When not searching for the next golden egg, I've done nothing else that WORK WORK WORK. I'm exhausted... but I don't have to use any cc's, or change over any money. It's nice to go back to quilting for a few weeks... but I'll be happy to leave it and go back to tattooing!!!

Again, much deserved thanks to all my followers! You guys are wonderful!

Refried Dreamer

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The whole truth and nothing but.

Well, so long, farewell. Off to see the wizard. Or dear mom in Reno. Since these posts haven't been running in a timely manner, I'm sure you won't notice a difference in my posting times. I have just arrived in Phoenix, solemmly preparing for a four hour wait for my connecting flight. Why am I waiting so long? Well, after my last two flight horrors, I decided to plan ahead and give myself a cushion between flights.

And of course, everything just HAD to run smoothly.

I await my flight in, believe it or not, "La Taberna del Tequila", airport restaurant in Phoenix.... whose signature drink is made with 1800. GAG! Nonethless, I bought a few magazines, a glass of merlot, and am camped out in the patio, crowd watching and finding about a 101 reaons I should change my life. I found a blog before I left entitled "Bikini Before 30" and I thought, HOLY SHIT. She's speaking to me! This gal decided that she is gonna be her sexy self for her 30th birthday. After reading some wonderful insight and inspiration, I've declared that my thirties will be my sexiest, flirtiest, and slutiest (with my husband, of course.)

I want to feel good, look good and be happy with all of my lumps and bumps. Most times, I feel great about myself, clothes, hair, rockin my decorated self. Turn off the lights and close the door, I transform into a self conscious nightmare. Car accidents, surgery scars... and being uh, "thick" makes me wanna put on my jammies and skip the foreplay. Yeah, really. Big ups to the ex for giving me that complex. There's sometimes a lot of tension between hubby and I, especially on the acceptance of myself and my faults.

And then BB30!!!

I was meant to find that blog. I WILL wear a bikini, or at least a bathing suit by the time I'm 30. I decided to start my trip by changing my habits solo and then once I've changed, bring home the glory. I bought two magazines in the airport,(in ENGLISH!) For some reason, I feel that as a victory! In between my food colored blue tortilla quesadilla with microwaved chicken, I managed to pick up a few starting tips. Here's my list of things to work on this year to fufill my 30's.

Olive oil spritzer. I hate Pam. I want to find a spritzing can for it so we use less oil in our cooking.

Stop Smoking. I know. Bad habit.

Get a checkup at PP. No insurance. no $$....I have had cervical cancer in the past. Might as well get it done and checked in REno than have hubby accompany me to the gyno in Mexico and help translate. Awwwkwaaaard!

Take better care of my skin.... and Moosecake's too. All that stuff that will help her in her tweens and keep me as far from 30 as possible.

That even though a glass of wine is good for your heart, a bottle kills your liver. I won't give it up completely, so something to prolong the life of a bottle, might do our bodies some good.

Drink more water. Duh.

Become a redhead. No point to this one. I just like Scarlet Johansson's new 'do

Open up separate bank accts for own goals. ING, ( i think there is one in Mexico), let's you subtitle accts. so that you know what it's going towards, like vacays...that's good, right?

Hit the gym. I know, I know. I was good for awhile.

And in the meantime, while I'm up here, pick up some of those Shape Staples! no one has to know!

But first,

maybe I'll have some Starbucks. hehe.... it's Freeeeezin up here!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dia de Los Muertos Letdown.

I have been fascinated with day of the dead, sugar skulls, cempasuchiles, altars... so much in fact, I was thinking about dedicating my legs to tattoos of such awesomeness. This would be my first real DOD here, since I missed last one travelling back to the States. We declined welcomes to visit Patzcuaro and Aguascalientes from friends that traveled from the States to experience the cultures here.The family and I headed back to San Pancho to visit the graves of family and old memories.

This year's Day of the Dead sucked.

The small town of San Pancho took more time celebrating Halloween than I think DOD. On top of that, my suegra's street was part of the illuminacion. (A block party during the month of Oct. The town changes colonias every week.) Hubby told me that he remembers the streets being full, drinking, dancing.... till the weeeeee hours of the morning. With the addition of Halloween, I figured that it would be a rowdy night and ate plenty of carbs during the day to help soothe the drinking that was bound to come.

Nope. I gained like 5 pounds.

Halloween was weird. We got there at 7pm. Apparently, here in this town, there are no casas handing out dulces.... in fact, you have to go downtown to the businesses... and get your candy. The kids got dressed quickly and booked it to centro. And yes, at 8 o'clock sharp, the businesses shut down and candy time was over. We did get some yummy corn and aquas frescas. Nonetheless, the kids had a great time. Little One transformed into Bumblebee and was the envy of every 6 year old with his super cool costume. Moosecake decided to be a bat/angel/fairy? and dressed the part. We returned to Granny's house, expecting a street full of drunken glee.... nope. Hubby was disappointed. He's always told me of all these crazy stories in Mexico, with the coolest traditions and harmless fun. This wasn't the first time Mexico has failed him. Suegra kept up the cheer and demanded that hubby return with a bottle of tequila. We spent the night drinking with his tias and throwing our OWN illuminacion.

The following morning,Dia de los Santos, we headed out to three cemetaries. We stopped at some stands to pick up some meaningful calaveras and flowers. The final cemetary was to be our campout for the night. After taking a bunch of photos and cleaning off the altars, we finally headed out for Hubby's brother's grave. We brought chairs, beer, flowers, calaveras... and planned to spend the night reminiscing with dear momma.

Nope. At 6o clock around came the guards. The cemetary was being closed, like all the others. What the &*$%? Do you know what day it is? Apparently, they did. The cemetary was being closed anyways. How sad for all the parents who come to pray for their lost and loved children. Damn. We returned home and instead,we finished our own personal altar. I turned my little Moosecake into my own Catrina and took as many photos as she would let me.

We returned to GDL on Day of the Dead for some of hubby's appointments. Guadalajara, for sure, would be more up to the spirit and be rockin some of the DOD festivites. Couldn't find a thing. At night, we planned on visiting some of the downtown cemetaries, which I was sure would be full and lit up. NOPE. ALL the cemetaries had been closed at 6. For what? Friggin' dengue. Damn it. wear a jacket.

It's good. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad that the gov't is thinking about the public health. But at the same time... I was disappointed that I didn't get to experience the festivities, like in Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Oaxaca and other cool lugares. There were no catrinas, no public altars, no mariachis, no candles lighting up the night. The other disappointment was with Mexico itself. Where were all the traditions, the illuminacion, the folklores? Mexico has been changing rapidly, transforming itself similar to the States. I'm sure that's great for the economy and whatnot, but what is happening to the traditions here in MExico? What will happen to the culture, the foods, the stories?

Mexico better have a comeback next year.

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