Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time to Party!!!

Post #100

Who knew this blogger thing would be soooo addicting?
First off, kudos to all of you who are sharing their daily frustrations here in Mexico and...

THANK YOU to the people that read my silly blog and make me feel NORMAL!!! You are amazing!

I originally started this blog to vent and express my inner frustrations that, at the time, were difficult to relay to dear ole hubby. What I didn't expect, was to find a wide variety of wonderful women (and men!) who are struggling and enjoying the daily battles and triumphs in beanerville. Thank you again. Keep doing what you do best. As much as you all make things easier for myself and family to adjust, I would like to contribute a little more. Are there any questions or requested topics that you would like to see on here? I think I post such random things, it would be nice to post something that might just make someone's journey a bit easier.

The phone lines are open.

With all thanks aside, I am freeeeezin in Reno. I thought it was chilly in Mexico, but here in Reno, it's pushin' 40 during the day and God-awful bone chilling temps at night. After leaving, Little One has been sick and daddy took him to the ER (for 200 pesos... can u believe that?!?) and he ended up with a shot. :( Moosecake is already tired of playing little momma. And hubby, he's pissed that Sportsmans' (sporting goods in Reno)doesn't carry his precious Sweet Beavers any longer. (HA! it's a fishing lure, i swear!) I WAS able to find at CostPlus World Market a wine pump for $10 bucks and Misto, an olive oil spritzer, for $10 as well. What a find! There goes two to my wishes right off the bat for a reasonable price. (I also saw them at Bed Bath & Beyond). I also, have not smoked,drank more than a ONE glass of wine at a sitting, and made an appt with PP for a routine PAP. I'm on a roll!!! When not searching for the next golden egg, I've done nothing else that WORK WORK WORK. I'm exhausted... but I don't have to use any cc's, or change over any money. It's nice to go back to quilting for a few weeks... but I'll be happy to leave it and go back to tattooing!!!

Again, much deserved thanks to all my followers! You guys are wonderful!

Refried Dreamer


Mama of 4 said...

YAY! Congratulations on making 100! I love reading your blog and your everday occurences in Mexico :)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

HEY Super Yay on 100!

Now, why I can't think of something I'd like you to post about is BEYOND me, I've usually got no less than 629 questions floating around in my head.

Knock knock brain, anybody home!?

Can this stay an open line? Let me get a few nights of good sleep and I'll be knocking the door down

Amanda said...

Whoo hoo wow 100 that's awesome. I love reading your blog and getting to come see you randomly. Yeah for crazy women who choose their husbands and Mexico. It so good to be back home and feeling better so I can finally get caught back up on reading everyones blogs.

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