Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The whole truth and nothing but.

Well, so long, farewell. Off to see the wizard. Or dear mom in Reno. Since these posts haven't been running in a timely manner, I'm sure you won't notice a difference in my posting times. I have just arrived in Phoenix, solemmly preparing for a four hour wait for my connecting flight. Why am I waiting so long? Well, after my last two flight horrors, I decided to plan ahead and give myself a cushion between flights.

And of course, everything just HAD to run smoothly.

I await my flight in, believe it or not, "La Taberna del Tequila", airport restaurant in Phoenix.... whose signature drink is made with 1800. GAG! Nonethless, I bought a few magazines, a glass of merlot, and am camped out in the patio, crowd watching and finding about a 101 reaons I should change my life. I found a blog before I left entitled "Bikini Before 30" and I thought, HOLY SHIT. She's speaking to me! This gal decided that she is gonna be her sexy self for her 30th birthday. After reading some wonderful insight and inspiration, I've declared that my thirties will be my sexiest, flirtiest, and slutiest (with my husband, of course.)

I want to feel good, look good and be happy with all of my lumps and bumps. Most times, I feel great about myself, clothes, hair, rockin my decorated self. Turn off the lights and close the door, I transform into a self conscious nightmare. Car accidents, surgery scars... and being uh, "thick" makes me wanna put on my jammies and skip the foreplay. Yeah, really. Big ups to the ex for giving me that complex. There's sometimes a lot of tension between hubby and I, especially on the acceptance of myself and my faults.

And then BB30!!!

I was meant to find that blog. I WILL wear a bikini, or at least a bathing suit by the time I'm 30. I decided to start my trip by changing my habits solo and then once I've changed, bring home the glory. I bought two magazines in the airport,(in ENGLISH!) For some reason, I feel that as a victory! In between my food colored blue tortilla quesadilla with microwaved chicken, I managed to pick up a few starting tips. Here's my list of things to work on this year to fufill my 30's.

Olive oil spritzer. I hate Pam. I want to find a spritzing can for it so we use less oil in our cooking.

Stop Smoking. I know. Bad habit.

Get a checkup at PP. No insurance. no $$....I have had cervical cancer in the past. Might as well get it done and checked in REno than have hubby accompany me to the gyno in Mexico and help translate. Awwwkwaaaard!

Take better care of my skin.... and Moosecake's too. All that stuff that will help her in her tweens and keep me as far from 30 as possible.

That even though a glass of wine is good for your heart, a bottle kills your liver. I won't give it up completely, so something to prolong the life of a bottle, might do our bodies some good.

Drink more water. Duh.

Become a redhead. No point to this one. I just like Scarlet Johansson's new 'do

Open up separate bank accts for own goals. ING, ( i think there is one in Mexico), let's you subtitle accts. so that you know what it's going towards, like vacays...that's good, right?

Hit the gym. I know, I know. I was good for awhile.

And in the meantime, while I'm up here, pick up some of those Shape Staples! no one has to know!

But first,

maybe I'll have some Starbucks. hehe.... it's Freeeeezin up here!


Sunshine said...

You go girl....ohhh...You have inspired me to go for some changes too. I know you can do this....and...and when you go RED!...you gotta post a picture.
And.....you strut your stuff girlfriend...and be proud of it!

On Mexican Time said...

Ohhh awesome - sounds like a fantastic idea!!! Goals are always good - and set them little by little!

My goal - after I'm finished having kids...then off to my prime I shall try and go!

You look hott - so you don't have too much to worry about amiga! Don't we all need to drink more water and less wine! LOL!

have fun in Reno!

Leslie Limon said...

Great post! You are already a fabulous person and any changes that you make will only enhance that. 2 things on your list are also on mine. I want one of those spritzer bottles too! And going red. I checked that off my list last month. Now I truly feel like I'm living in an old "I love Lucy" episode with my Mexican Ricky Ricardo! :D

Enjoy your stay in Reno!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

OH !! OHMYGOD !!! OHHHH MEEEE TOOOO!! I want to be sexy when I turn 30 TOO!! OMG I honest to god was actually THINKING about that the other day "Well, I've scewed up my 20's but maybe I could be hot during my 30's!?? My husband would love it, screw the college boys and their 18 year olds I'm gonna be a hot MILF!!"

And now you've posted this link and I have to belive it's fate!

Thank You!

Bikini By 30 said...

Let the uber hotness begin!! Hooray for layovers and the bloglove they bring! Helloooo dirty flirty thirties!

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