Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trash to Treasure

So last weekend, I also hit up Av. Mexico for their Sunday "Antique" Specials. While most of it was crap... I did see some cool Helmets from Germany, Fancy shmancy jewelry that I would or could never wear, and quite a few over priced pieces of art. Don't cry your eyes... I still weaseled a couple bucks out of hubby and walked away with my own additions to the decor...

This is a bad ass candle. I loved the intricacy of the design and I'm a big Virgin junkie. For a mere 500 pesos, this could have sat in your living room. I still don't know where to put the damn thing. But it's so cool.

These three paintings? were 300, and again, I have no idea where to put them... but I am obsessed with those colors.

Apparently, hubby wanted something for himself. He found the best replica of a Mexican dream girl... Seriously, I'm not down for some Mexicana role play... if ya know what I mean.

Finally, we came across a book of Death and how it's been portrayed here in Mexico through time. We justified this 80 peso purchase as a need for reference in the shop.

Next time, we'll try to hit it up a bit earlier in the day. I did see some cool chandliers. PROJECT!!! I'll see you there next week!

Monday, August 24, 2009

And more. And more. And.....

Yeah. I know. I'm a crappy blogger... one who posts way past due, when it's not cool anymore. This is our busy time of year. With all the tattoo expos, family, school, kids, work... everything hits at once.

I did get the chance to hit up Mexico City. Everything that you don't want to happen, happened. The energy was really overwhelming. SOme of the sickest tattoo artists from around the world showed up. It was a good turnout. In fact, one of our good friends, Rick Clark, from back home ( met us there, along with the Lowrider Arte crew, Horiyoshi family from Japan, and the best tattoo artists in Mexico. btw... I also got 3 new tattoo machines out of the trip. Thank you hubby!

Of course, when you put a bunch of rowdy tattoo artists in a room with some booze... crazy things start happening... uh... like getting robbed by strippers, almost killed in some random parking lot, passing out on top of the pyramids, battles in the bathroom, having some cracked out hotel worker start smoking out in our bathroom, taking off his clothes, stealing us coffee cups so we could have a "seminar" at 3 am...AND stalking us later at the tattoo show. WTF???

Don't forget... we were clearly working during the entire trip. ;)

We spent 5 days in Mexico City. We hit up Teotihuacan, a few museums, the zocolo...and still had time for a cleansing. Hubby didn't want to join in... apparently, he thought one wasn't good enough...and he wasn't about to pay for three!

Hubby also gave two seminars that turned out awesome. He also tatted down a few other artists.

Crazy times.. We'll be ready for next years expo!

New House & backlog of photos

Here's some more photos of the pad we just moved into. I love it. More room. More cabinet space.... and somewhere my dog can shit, that isn't directly outside the back door! We've all got our space... and there's really nothing more precious than that. (of course, every house...regardless of how wonderful it is... has the ugliest bathrooms ever!)

I finally got my other camara up and running. Below are more photos from PV and my mija's 11th birthday!

And more photos from the previous PV trip for the boys' birthdays!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Welcome back.

Yay. I'm back again... and yet, the sh*t hasn't stopped. Why, you ask? I dunno. Cuz we're in Mexico... and to get things done... is well, a challenge.

We're getting ready for the Tattoo Expo in Mexico City and are hella excited. I have the honor of being one of the tattoo judges, along with a well known painter, and the editor of Lowrider Arte Magazine. Hubby will be giving out a few seminars, and wonderfully, his seminars are already pretty full. We are going with a gang of tattoo artists and friends to see the pyramids. I'm hella excited. Since my last trip to Mexico City wasn't all that fabulous, I have high expectations for this one. Or at least, on Hubby. Why change a good thing? ;)

Hubby has been printing shirts with his designs and shop logo for this past year and every tattoo expo we've gone to, has sold out. He came up with a new design and bought 100 shirts to take this week to Mexico City. The SAME guy as last time printed them up. Said, 'yeah, no problem. I've done this style before.' He dropped the finished shirts off yesterday and was waiting to be paid. We did the same as always... opening the box and checking them out. He starts panicking. The first 3 shirts, not bad. Fourth, uh... why is there a pink stripe going through the middle of the shirt? Fifth, sixth, seventh... Why is the center hella faded? Eighth, ninth, tenth.... WTF?!? The guy starts panicking... moving toward the door. 'I gotta move my car...' We pulled out the bunch. Holy crap, the ones on the bottom of the box were HORRIBLE. Manchas all over the place, the design crooked, the background f*cked up. DAMN right, he better panic!!! And then, he books it.

SOB was waiting to be paid, and then book it. He never returned. Hubby was livid and I don't blame him. Every time we have had to print shirts, it's been a hassle. Someone's always waiting to be paid, and slack on the service. Why is that? We later called the guy and asked for all of Hubby's designs back. He said that he had never really done that style of shirt before. He dropped of the designs this morning.

All the tshirts will be burned. Hubby obviously doesn't want to put out a shitty product and we all know in Mexico, if you throw something's on sale in San Juan de Dios, the next day. What I don't understand, is if you haven't done something before, why say that you can? And even if you think you can do it, great. Try. But don't go through all freakin 100 shirts and then realize that you can't. Why can't you suck up your pride, come back, and say "Look, I really can't do them."

How hard is that?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Time's Just Flyin' By!!!

Wow. It's been awhile since I've been able to post our latest encounters. This past month has just flown by. My parents came down to visit for 3 weeks, and when they come.... we get alot done! All the birthdays have passed... Moosecake is now 11, has lost her first molar, and got to spend her special birthday in Puerto Vallarta for a week! Little One is now 6 and graduated Kinder... officially a big boy in Primaria! Hubby.... is now older than hell... hehe... he's now 36, and getting ready for the Mexico City Tattoo Expo in Guadalajara. Me, I'm still the same damn age, 5 lbs heavier after all the birthday drinking, and hangin on for the ride. :)

My Parents down here to party it up!!!

During this last month, we also managed to move. The BIGGEST pain in the ass. After about a month of searching and then riding down til the last minute to get out of our old, old house and into a new one.... which by the way, is only semi-old, we are now finally able to relax in our new two story rental... equipped with a patio and area for bbq'in!!! Whoo hoo!!!

Damn... after that took enough time and both computers crashed ... we did head out for the day to PV for Anthony and Dad's bday with some hella cool peeps from GDL. Just chilled on the beach, a couple micheladas and a sangria.... I'll post more pics when I can find them!

When my parent's came up and wanted to go to PV, Hubby and I were a little uncomfortable with them driving solo with the kids.... So we decided to drive them there, stay the night, and then drive back. And again, the following week. Hubby and I went out fishing in the ocean... (price tag... you don't want to know.) I had a great time. We drove in circles for 8 hours. I got to sleep. Stare at the ocean. Sleep. Watch two turtles mate. Sleep. BAM!!! Hubby catches something. An Amberjack. A what? I don't know. He was so excited. I took a gazillion photos. Again, BAM! Hubby lets me reel it in. Whoopee. A damn needlefish. Did I want a pic? Nope, the damn thing will bite my finger off with his razorteeth. Kinda bummed out a bit. The only two catches of the day. To make things a bit better, the guide cut up the Amberjack right then and there and made, seriously, the best ceviche I've ever had.

Let me also note, ALL the fish was used to make this. This was THE MOST EXPENSIVE CEVICHE I've ever had in my life. Nonetheless, a good trip with Hubby.

The next week, Dad wanted to go with Hubby. Yup. Fishing AGAIN. Why, after such a slow catch the week before? I have no idea. Manly thing, I guess. He had a hunch. So, again, for an exorbitant amount, they both went off fishing. I got to relax with my mom and the kids at the hotel...DID NOT HAVE TO FISH... and enjoyed every minute of it.

By the end of the day, my dad showed up at the hotel. WTF? I was supposed to go pick them up at the Marina?!? He said Hubby was cleaning up and not feeling good. Dumb ass. Didn't take the Dramamine. We all packed up and rushed to pick him up. SON OF A BITCH. There he was... prouder than all hell. He caught a 9.5 foot Sailfish. It was so damn big, they mistook it for a marlin. He was grinning like a damn schoolgirl.

And not only did he come home with 60 lbs of Sailfish... but I also get the wonderful opportunity to MOUNT the damn thing on my wall. Ooohhh... the joys of marriage. hehe... whatever makes Hubby happy, I guess. :)

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