Monday, August 24, 2009

And more. And more. And.....

Yeah. I know. I'm a crappy blogger... one who posts way past due, when it's not cool anymore. This is our busy time of year. With all the tattoo expos, family, school, kids, work... everything hits at once.

I did get the chance to hit up Mexico City. Everything that you don't want to happen, happened. The energy was really overwhelming. SOme of the sickest tattoo artists from around the world showed up. It was a good turnout. In fact, one of our good friends, Rick Clark, from back home ( met us there, along with the Lowrider Arte crew, Horiyoshi family from Japan, and the best tattoo artists in Mexico. btw... I also got 3 new tattoo machines out of the trip. Thank you hubby!

Of course, when you put a bunch of rowdy tattoo artists in a room with some booze... crazy things start happening... uh... like getting robbed by strippers, almost killed in some random parking lot, passing out on top of the pyramids, battles in the bathroom, having some cracked out hotel worker start smoking out in our bathroom, taking off his clothes, stealing us coffee cups so we could have a "seminar" at 3 am...AND stalking us later at the tattoo show. WTF???

Don't forget... we were clearly working during the entire trip. ;)

We spent 5 days in Mexico City. We hit up Teotihuacan, a few museums, the zocolo...and still had time for a cleansing. Hubby didn't want to join in... apparently, he thought one wasn't good enough...and he wasn't about to pay for three!

Hubby also gave two seminars that turned out awesome. He also tatted down a few other artists.

Crazy times.. We'll be ready for next years expo!


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Dude seriously how did you come back alive? Robbed and passing out and holy damn with everything ! But it looks like you had fun and congrats on the new machines. Did your husband do the tatoos there at the bottom of the post? They are lovely.

Refried Dreamer said...

haha... I didn't pass out... a friend did. I climbed the first pyramid, and being a little hungover, I opted out for the second. That one got him!

Yup, hubby did the two at the bottom. He did a portrait also, but the photo was shitty. :(

Amanda said...

Wow sounds crazy, I so couldn't hang with all that anymore. Glad I get to live vicariously through you. lol

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