Monday, August 24, 2009

New House & backlog of photos

Here's some more photos of the pad we just moved into. I love it. More room. More cabinet space.... and somewhere my dog can shit, that isn't directly outside the back door! We've all got our space... and there's really nothing more precious than that. (of course, every house...regardless of how wonderful it is... has the ugliest bathrooms ever!)

I finally got my other camara up and running. Below are more photos from PV and my mija's 11th birthday!

And more photos from the previous PV trip for the boys' birthdays!


Mama of 4 said...

Those are great pics, thanks for sharing! LOVE your new home, it looks really modern

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the pix-it´s healthy that you aren't all up in your blog 24-7, that you are taking time to LIVE and when you get to writin´about it, you get the openness...of your new casa-WORD on the baños-why IS that? anyways, also dig on the blue-tiled counter deal in the kitchen...

Refried Dreamer said...

Mama: Thanks! It;s def. more comfortable.

Hmh26: I did the blue thing too. Don't really know what to do with it yet... but I did it. :)

Amanda said...

The house looks so spacious, how great. Congrats glad you got the moved done. Looks like PV was so fun.

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