Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When in Rome.....

Well I did. And tried everything that I remembered from the Olive Garden menu. (how cultured am I? hehe) The tiramisu, sopa fagioli, pizza, gelato, prociutto, mozzerella, and lots and lots of WINE. Low-carb... impossible.

Hubby and I got an invitation to participate in the Rome Tattoo Convention in, you guessed it, Rome Italy. Before hubby had to asked twice, I had my bags packed and ticket from Reno purchased. The kids went home to GDL with Pops and I joined hubby in little Italy. Mind you, expos are alot ALOT of work. All day until late, late at night.... so most of these photos were taken... uh, at night.

Rome was amazing. Even better, we got to spend the time with great people. What more can you ask for. ♥

Back to Basics....

First off...
Feliz Dia de Madres to all my mexican (or relocated Mexican) mommies out there....
I hope you all had a fabulous day of REST (difficult, i know) and lots of love from the family. ♥

The last three weeks have been really, REALLY overwhelming... not only to post regularly (which i know that i haven't been so great at)but to stay up to date on blogger/facebook/twitter and find out what's been going on with all of you. The kids and I started out Semana Santa visiting my parents in Nevada.. and DAAAAAMN... the cold quickly reminded me how wonderful our Mexican weather can be. I quickly got to work... quilting and quilting... for my clients who graciously provided me with enough work during the two weeks to stock up on all the necesities. I really miss my old job and am really grateful that these wonderful women haven't forgotten me and send work whenever I come into town. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Without these women, I wouldn't be able to travel home. :)

Also,thank you to my parents who ultimately make these trips possible. They go above and beyond... making sure my kids and I are taken care of, entertained and most importantly, loved. ♥ Happy Mothers Day, Mom.

We left a few days before Semana Santa because The National Tattoo Association happened to have a show in Sparks, NV where some of the heavy hitter tattoo artists come together for an expo and gala. I competed my uh... cock... and was able to bring home two awards for hubby. It was an honor to place in this show.... and to compete with some of these people was not only amazing, but inspiring. So to all you jackasses who like to leave stupid tattoo comments on my pics, this just means inspiration to get more... and more... and more. We're taking over the world!

I had a great time in Reno with friends and family. I got to spend time with my new little niece, who has earned the nickname "Pissy Face"... jokingly, of course (I call my own kids "ugly") She is the happiest baby. It was great to see her, my sisters, and my BFFs. The kids had a great time.... horseback riding, movies in ENGLISH, and Target. Apparently, I"m not the only one who it now infatuated with VARIETY.

The photos a little blurry, i know... but that was after a few.. well, you know. ;)

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I've been living in Mexico now for about a two years with my hubby and 2 kids. Not exactly by choice, but we're here nonetheless. Luckily, I live with quite a few of the accomodations that i was used to in the states. In spite of those convienences, we also have a water tank with asbestos, outdated electricity, massive amounts of dust, caterpillars that burn your skin, and thousands of windshield washers on every street corner. My kiddos and I are learning to speak spanish and adjust to life away from our family and friends in the States.


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