Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When in Rome.....

Well I did. And tried everything that I remembered from the Olive Garden menu. (how cultured am I? hehe) The tiramisu, sopa fagioli, pizza, gelato, prociutto, mozzerella, and lots and lots of WINE. Low-carb... impossible.

Hubby and I got an invitation to participate in the Rome Tattoo Convention in, you guessed it, Rome Italy. Before hubby had to asked twice, I had my bags packed and ticket from Reno purchased. The kids went home to GDL with Pops and I joined hubby in little Italy. Mind you, expos are alot ALOT of work. All day until late, late at night.... so most of these photos were taken... uh, at night.

Rome was amazing. Even better, we got to spend the time with great people. What more can you ask for. ♥


manda said...

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Rebecca said...

Great photos. I am jealous!

ElleCancun said...

uhhhh Can you say JEALOUS!!!!! Hahahaha - amiga, that is freaking awesome!!!!!!!

low carb what? Yeah....NOT in Italy :) hehehe but soooo worth it!

America said...

I'm really glad to have come across your blog. I just started blogging ( about my families experience more than anything to keep myself sane. My husbands been detained for 2 months so far and at risk of a permanent ban as well. I'm not ready to make up my decision of moving if it came down to it. I wish you guys the best, it looks like you have done well. Looking forward to future posts.

Negretelove said...

so happy for you and your fam!! the pics are great and y'all look so happy ;) well i hope my family adjusts as well as yours when we do the big move to GTO

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's my dream to one day go to Italy. Ever since I saw Under the Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane, I've just been in love with the place. I wish that they had Italian at my high school when I was there. I thought about doing it in college, but I just decided to stick with Spanish because I'd already had three years of it. These pictures are great. I hope I get to visit one day! Stopping by from LBS. :)

Tara said...

What an awesome experience! The pics are great!

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