Sunday, February 21, 2010

Be vwery vwery quiet.........

*creeeeek...... creeeeek.. .creeeeeeeek*

"Shhhhhhh!  We gotta be quiet.... Don't you watch the hunting channel?"

*tip toe down the stairs......

Hubby crept down the stairs.

Locked and loaded.

This is what happens went you give an ex-felon a firearm airgun.

Beware pigeons..... Beware.....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Run Coco.... Run.. But You Cannot Hide.

I love my *oh so scary husband.*

Maybe not cuz he's scary looking to me, but scares the shit out of other people.

(don't mind the finger... he's not that fond of photos.)

Now, don't be nervous when you come to Guadalajara and we invite you out to drinks. He really is the coolest, most hospitable guy I've ever met... and after a few drinks, you'll realize he's quite charming.

Except to little f*ing taggers.

Those of you that have followed me for awhile, know that I'm not exactly fond of the local right next to me.... not only the guys that work there, but the clientel that they bring. They are the reason why GDL has a problem with graffiti. They let stupid ass kids open stupid ass shops allowing stupid ass kids to tag all over the place.

Despite our past frustrations with the shop next door, we've kept our distance and gave them their space... WITH the agreement that they could sell their trash AS LONG AS their clients didn't write on OUR space/walls/door/gate etc..... for both the tattoo shop and sex shop. We had an understanding. They told their clients the bank on the other side was fine.... but the next cuadra was off limits. (This was after Sex Shop got tagged.) And since then... we haven't had a problem.

Until 5 minutes ago.

Stupid kids came in and asked hubby what time the shop opens next door. Hubby said he didn't know... but they should get there soon. We walked to the farmacia, and while waiting for the light on the way back.... Hubby spots stupid kids tagging on our door.

"Change. Change. Change. CHange." Hubby was just waiting for that light to turn.

As we walked up to the shop, the kids casually stopped and acted like nothing had happened. Hubby grabbed one on the back of the neck, arm behind his back and *kindly* escorted him into our shop.
 They had tagged all over our painted door.  And they had NO CLUE as to why hubby was mad.

Well, he explained everything to them.....

while they were cleaning off their paint.

And after, hubby took copies of their credentials/school id's just in case we have a future problem... and the cops need to actually be put to use.

I swear those kids' must have pissed their pants.

Now scary tattooed hubby had their tagging pens, information and photos of them. I don't think we'll be seeing them for awhile.

Now don't get me wrong.... Mrs Artist cracking down on other artists, wtf?   That's not exactly the case. We have commissioned professional taggers. We have plenty of friends that tag BEAUTIFUL artwork.... but not scratchers. Stupid kids. How can you walk into a local, ask a question and then tag all over their place of business WHILE THEY ARE THERE?

Back in the day, I remember kids being smarter. If you were gonna tag, it was for a purpose. You tagged on Starbucks, Walmart... companies that exploited people, resources etc.... Maybe I'm reaching a bit here, but tagging had a meaning when I was young. You didn't tag on personal property.  And now, we are investing a shitload of money into a tattoo shop and the tattoo industry in Mexico to bring the industry level UP and change the perspective of art.... not to keep the industry on the calles

Stupid kids. Now I have to repaint the door.

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