Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dolla Dolla Bill Y'all.....

Started out like this....

Moved here.....

and ended up there.

Or maybe not in that particular order... but all were a part of yesterday's crazy, crazy times. I met up with quite a few kats yesterday, starting off with Efran, one of hubby's homies from waaaaay back in the day. This kat paints cars and had painted our old ride with a clean ass flake and the base flames on our truck. If we ever do decide to buy that 58 impala that's been around town in GDL, he's def. the guy to come down and paint it! He's amazing!

I met up later, after checking out bridesmaid dresses and doing lil sis' hair, with those crazy kats who spent Cervantino with us in Guanajuato. It was Tupa's birthday, and what could be better than starting off with a bottle?

Remember last time, starting with a bottle? You would think I learned the consequences of mixing drinks... but no. My liver isn't speaking to me. Starting at the Fireside Lounge, we started with a scorpion. I thought it would be those flaming ones from Mexico... but was greeted with Rum soaked gummy worms instead. Wine, cocktails, tequila and beer summed up our night, ending the fun at the Men's Club. With all our dolla' bills lined up, we were a bit disappointed to see the D-list lined up on a Monday nite. The night ended with Biscuits and Gravy back at the casino... and I drove safely home.
and the cop car?

ha. that was Efran's project for the day. I took the photo for old times sake. Trying to forget, err...  remember the last time I was in the back of a po-po.

Crazy times in Reno.

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Mama of 4 said...

So happy you are having a great time with old friends, now be honest, are you missing Mexico even a little bit yet ;)

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