Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meet Virginia.

Screw the shot. I got stabbed. 

#3 on my wishlist of things to get done....

I went to PP and got the god-awful coochie test. Why do you want to hear this? Because, maybe if you're like me, the longer you stay outta the States... you prolly don't have insurance any longer. Yes. There are plenty of qualified gynos in Mexico... but I don't feel that comfy with my drawers dropped and hubby standing right behind me, translating for me about my whoo-ha.  There are some things we just don't do.
Good news. After my finger stabbing and blood check,  my blood sugar levels are great, I am NOT anemic, and I'm negative on the hiv. Fabulous, right? I got my check up and when it came down to pay...the bill was $40.  Forty dollars. And if you really don't want to pay the $40, since I'm no longer making an income in the States.... it is not mandatory. Well, Shheeesh... I could afford the 40 bucks.... and feel a whole lot better knowing that I took care of myself on this trip. I should get my results back in a week, hopefully before I leave... and pray those cancer cells haven't come back. 
So all you ladies, please get a check up, if you haven't already, next time you head back to the States. It won't drain your bank account and you'll feel like a million bucks.


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

I've got a feeling somebody's been screwing with their HTML.

And YYYAAYY on the check up! Gotta keep yo shit pretty and pink and smmmoooooooth. :P Spread-em wide and smile high. :P

Sunshine said...

ohhh...hell no to the hubs translating ...oh no..will not even go their.
good to hear your stuff is doing good.....after this Mexico never know!
If only i can find somewhere that does sugaring...i'd be nice and smooth again.

Refried Dreamer said...

haha Gringa... i did. and I shouldn't have. and I have to wait till I get back to fix it!

Sunshine...that was another thing I vowed to do while I was here. I picked up a pro. waxing kit! Strip away!

Amanda said...

I actually got mine done here and it wasn't to bad. But thankfully when it comes to medical stuff I don't really need Issac to translate. Although I got it done before my trip to the states and we still haven't gone back for the results. I think they would have called if it was bad they did take down our number.

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