Friday, March 27, 2009

Check out my dance moves.

I'm conceited and I don't care. My kids are the cutest in the world. haha.... My kids' school had a 'Festival de Primavera' and all parents were invited. Each class had a song to present... with costumes to pump it up. We couldn' find one here, so we just kinda bought some animal fur fabric and cut it up.

Moosecake is in 4th. We found some cute butterfly wings and painted her face. They lipsinged and danced away... all as Mariposas. She rocked it.... a little nervous... but she shook what her momma gave her. I seriously think that if they would have played any song from High School Musical, she would have done a solo... but they gave that to the 3rd graders. It didn't matter though, she was dancing along in her head. She was great.

Little One HATED his outfit... AND the face paint. I don't know if the little girls at school told him he looked cute, but after that, our little lion was prancing around as if he were king. Music started.... STRAIGHT MEXICAN... those crazy chicken dance like songs.... and he was stuck in the back. I got out my camera anyways. He flashed a coy smile and busted out with the best dance moves ever!!!! The teacher noticed his enthusiasm (and that he was the only kid that had rhythm.) and quickly put him and his dance partner up front and center. It was so awesome.

Both kids blended in to their new found school... and Little One stole the show.


Amanda said...

OMG those pics are so cute, I so look forward to school programs. Oh and I love that pic of you on your home page its a good one.

On Mexican Time said...

Jajaja - Little One's outfit is pretty damn CUTE!

Mama of 4 said...

Cute pics, glad the kids are beginning to adjust. You get an A+ for creativity on little one's outfit.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

They do give my kids a run for their money I will give you that. Hey, when is the expo in October? I am planning on coming out to get my 30 year birthday tattoo. YEAH!

Julie said...

Your kids are indeed the cutest things ever. LOVE the lion costume-- very resourceful!!

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