Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off to a Great Start

We finally made it. Back to the Mothership. The Mainland. The fill in the blank.  Surprisingly, we made it from GDL to LAX without a problem (kudos to Volaris airlines who managed to ARRIVE n DEPART on schedule!!!) and wasted no time. We decided to play hooky the last two days of school and head out to Los Angeles instead. Arriving at 9 am and after a quick breakfast, by about 10:30, we were already posing for photos with, you guessed it, MICKEY!

Grandma and Pops had planned a day of Disneyland... and not only that, but the following day, California Adventure. It was a busy two days followed by ANOTHER two days in Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park. Can I tell u how difficult it was convincing 2 kids that big trees were just as cool as disneyland? Uh, you can't. Unless you find Bambi.  Little Monster transformed back into my Little One on rides like Indiana Jones and, believe it or not, Pirates of the Carribean, where he clutched on my arm, leg, chest, head, whatever part he could to keep him safe. he's such a momma's boy ;) and Demon Child emerged as my growing so fast-i wanna-go-on-the-fast-rides-oh-no-wait-i'm-scared little Princess who still loves going on the Carousel and maybe, Space Mountain. We had a blast. Pictures were mandatory.

and we filled three camaras.

Hats (preferably ears) were also required.

isn't this gorgeous?

And now that we've made it home, we've been busy little bees. So much to do, so much to write!!! 
Saludos a todos back home! 


Leah Flinn said...

Love that mountain pic! Where in California is that?

Glad you and the fam enjoyed Mickey :-)

Refried Dreamer said...

It was taken on a pit stop on Tioga Pass, coming out of Yosemite. Behind us, was Half Dome. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'd be more excited about the trees haha glad you had a great time

Amanda said...

Great post and I had fun checking out all your pictures looks like a great time.

On Mexican Time said...

Ohhh...I sooo miss the mountains!! Really, really GREAT pic!!!

Glad you guys had fun :)

The Insatiable Host said...

I too am a momma of 3, tattoos and trying to live fancy free. The only thing keeping me from doing this too, is the fact that I am still on the waiting list for the SUGAR DADDY's club and my hubby hasn't hit the big one yet! Love the Blog, your kids are darn cute and the trip seems fun
Stopping by from the LBTea Social...preferrably if you are able to serve wine, liquor or both these socials will go bye smoother!

All the best

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