Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hot and Bothered.

Aaaaahhhh...... The rain has finally returned to Guadalajara. Temperatures have dropped, slight humidity has settled in, and I no longer have to scream remind my adolescent demon  princess that she needs to put on deodorant. Besides the daily mini-flooding, I love the rainy season. I love the fresh feeling. I love that I can begin making Tortilla Soup and Hot Chocolate. Everything is great.

Except that my mean, ferocious, intimidating pit bull turns into a damn pussy.

Every night, the clouds break and the sky lights up. The roar of the thunder shakes the walls, and the streets flood. Sounds like the beginning of a cozy night with hubby, right?

I get rushed by my weenie dog, instead.

As soon as the thunder starts, puppers starts freakin out. He gets up in his crate and starts knocking the walls. So of course, to shut him up quiet his tension, we let him out and put him on his special pillow in demon's princess' room. BOOOOMM!!! The thunder hits again. Someone's breathing on me. Puppers is by my bedside heavy panting in my ear. Ugh.Fine. Lay down Pussy Puppers. BOOOOMM! He's back up in my ear EVERY 30 seconds to make sure I'm still there.

So much for a freakin guard dog. 
I'm gonna invest in a cat.

side note: Demon Princess has declared that she has copyright over the above fotos and required permission and recognition to use them. So there ya go.


Refried Dreamer said...


Leslie Limon said...

LOL!!! Your pup reminds me of ours. As soon as he hears the thunder, he starts to whimper like a little baby.
But my favorite time has to be when the lightning gets really bad and all 4 kiddies climb into bed with Hubby and me! :)

Ritamg said...

You and I must have the same breed of guard dogs.

Anonymous said...

my poodle is normally very tough and territorial (not that anyone's scared of a white miniature poodle... but she doesn't have to know that)

The one thing that freaks her out is thunder. Here's what I hear during a storm:


Bark bark bark GROWWLLLL!!! whimper whimper whimper...

Theta Mom said...

That's funny! And welcome to TMC! Glad you joined us!

On Mexican Time said...

Jajajaja - my little pooch does the same thing! In fairness, she is only 10 pounds so it's fitting. LOL. However, she was NEVER afraid of it back home in Canada, but now here in Mexico - she wakes me up!! I think it's a mixture of the lightening and thunder she doesn't like!! Anyways, funny that she is not alone....:)

Oh, and yeah, I tried leaving a comment on your last post and it wouldn't work!!!

Meaghan, MS, CSCS said...

I enjoy your writing style and attitude. thanks for finding me on lBS.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Our Pit cries out in the rain till we let him in the house! :D Suuchh a weensy, he has a great house outside but for whatever reason just can NOT stand it and will practically BEAT DOWN our door with his paws until we come to his rescue. Of course, WHILE he's beating down the door he's standing IN the rain so he comes in all soaked and we have to lock his ass in the bathroom or he'll get on the furniture. Pit Bulls might not be the brightest of dogs.... :D Sure are sweet though.

Amanda said...

Im loving your new lay out. Its been forever since I took the time to read everyone's blogs. Anyway your to funny about the demon. lol I feel the same way about my 4 yr old sometimes. ;) Glad things are going well and although he might not be a guard dog in the rain hes so cute.

♥ Sarah @ FFP ♥ said...

Love this post! We had a German Shepherd like that when I was little. Funniest thing ever to see a 90 lb dog whimpering like a baby because of a little thunder outside. Though I could not help but feel a little sorry for the 'poor thing'.

I am dropping by from lady blogger's tea party BTW. Have a great day!

Ashlie said...

Too funny. I love the whole Demon/Princess thing! I have a cat who freaks out everytime there is thunder.

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