Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's Complicated....

It's been almost two years now since I've left you... and I had a hard time letting go.

I've moved on to the Dark Side, only to compare everything, and everyone to you.
and only you. ♥
I think I'm beginning to let go now. 
Don't worry.
You haven't changed.
But I have.
And now I can laugh at your ass everytime I come back.

                                              Right off the plane... cruisin' on Crenshaw. ;)

And immediately, saw this.....
(I couldn't edit the photo, it's a Hydroponics store.... big word for a pothouse.)
Back home ain't got nothing on this!

I officially take back all the smack I talked about Mexican women all dressed up for pinche Chuckee Cheese..... this woman snagged the prize... at Disneyland.

Super psyched to find a fruit stand with fresh produce in Merced County
but it came with additives next door....

and I STILL don't understand why people here don't GET roundabouts!!
Try Mexico City people!!!

                         Nothing but love,


Ritamg said...

I have to laugh at the comment about how Mexican women dress. You should see what the moms wear to drop off their kids at 7 AM. Short skirts, spiked heels... you already know. Yes, I wear less clothing here and show more skin, but it is freakin' hot every day. However, at 5'8" tall, I will NEVER feel the need to stuff my size 9 feet into a pair of shoes that could have been used in medieval times as a torture device.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Hot DAMN slap me goofballs if I'm ever caught dead in heels like where I'd have to STAND. They must not have the same pain receptors we do. That's all I can think of. :D

Sunshine said...

I love....back home aint got nothing on this....cause it's fresh off the field baby! Love ya

On Mexican Time said...

Hahahaha - those heels just made me cringe.... yeeeoooouch!!! Heck, I can only wear heels here when I'm going for dinner and get to sit, and they are still not even half the height of those stilettos!!

Wow - 2 years already. WOW. Congrats deserve it!

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from Lady Bloggers! I live in SA, so I know all about the Mexican dress tatics...except here, all the ladies think they're svelte and they're...not. Which is fine, except when you're 45, in a halter top and skirt that I wouldn't be caught dead in with your bra hanging out and big platform wedges.

It's not cute.

Gail said...

Ha ha ha yeah, my husband says the Mexican women no longer have feeling in their feet and after wearing those heels day after day, their feet are all crumpled up and look like the feet of parrots, patos de perico he says.

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