Monday, August 16, 2010

Hotter than hell..... I think so.

Hubby and I finally sold my Chevy Tahoe. "Boohoo." you're probably thinking," it's just a truck."  But to the fam-bam and I, it wasn't. There were so many memories. How we bought it, the amazing airbrushing hubby painted on it, the gifts building it, haha.... the movie Transformers, and how after watching it, the kids wanted to ride in the Transformer truck cuz it was just as cool. I never had a problem with it, and spent many nights in there on spur of the moment camping trips, fishing adventures, the exciting day of picking up hubby from the border, moving to mexico, and countless others. The kids are bummed too, but after changing my visa, my truck is no longer legal and SAT can take it away. And with the new "drama" in GDL, the truck grabs a little too much attention, which isn't always a good thing.

So, suegro and I made the journey up to the border. Twenty two hours later, we arrived in Phoenix to the eager new drivers of my beloved ride. My BIL has really been great. He bought our other car before we made the journey to Mexico and when having difficulty finding a buyer for the truck, he was the first one to jump on it. He had hotel (well, motel) rooms waiting and a few hours later, they jumped in the truck and headed back home...leaving me to rest before my plane ride.

Ooooohhhh, have we've learned not to rely on people in Mexico...... and how frequently I forget. I placed my trust in a "friend of a friend" who books airlines and was told to await confirmation 6 hours before the flight. 6 hours came and went... 5.... 3....1... I was at the airport counter, pestering the attendant to recheck the flight list for my name. Nope. And in fact the flight was OVERBOOKED by 2 people. I wasn't going anywhere.

After panicking a bit, checking the next airline, panicking, checking the next airline, etc....etc.... I finally booked a flight leaving the next day. In the meantime, I returned to the motel that I had previously rested in for a bit, for good reason. It was only 29 bucks a night and I had little cash. The room was exactly what you expect in a roach motel.... 'cept I didn't see any roaches and if I had, they wouldn't have a chance against their Mexican cousins.... so I wasn't too worried. You do get what you pay for....the nonsmoking room smelt like my smoking grandmother's entire house condensed into a single room with one flickering the bathroom.

Nevertheless, it's 106* outside. I'm discouraged to leave the room in fear of dehydration and leary about staying, since this is where scary movies come from. At least I brought my laptop.


Leah Flinn said...

Heat was suffocating here as well until today, and it finally rained, gracias a dios. Good luck getting back home, amiga. :-)

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I am glad that it all got figured out but what a nightmare. Get back to Mexico.

Ritamg said...

It's painful to let it go. I want back my 1978 Honda Civic with black vinyl seats, no air, AM radio and manual transmission....

Rebecca said...

To sad about your truck. Hope you make it home safe!

Amanda said...

Man I bet you are all a little bummed about the truck, it was so great. I assume because this isnt a new post your back and safe so Im glad you made it through the ordeal and there will be no made for TV movies written about your stay at the hotel.

Refried Dreamer said...

Thanks guys.

Yeah, I finally made it back... and the FREE beers on AeroMExico helped and made up for the cost of the pinche vuelo. I still miss my truck. :( Only have one car right now, and technically its illegal... so we just got nailed by the po-pos yesterday with a big ass "propina". Ugh. The search for a new one begins.

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