Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At the end of the Rainbow...

The day is coming.
Sooner than I would like.
Im getting old....
How do I know?
  • Every morning, it seems that my face ages a little more and injectable botulism is beginning to sound more and more appealing. okay, I lied. I already tried it.   Once.
  • I get super excited when i see Jem, Carebears, RainbowBrite, or She-Ra on TV and my kids have no freakin interest in old cartoons.
  • Hope my kids will some day play Oregon Trail in computer class.
  • Realizing that I must let go of my gi-normous collection of beanie babies. ***denial.
  • My kids are amazed that I seem to know how to beat everything on their Wii Mario game. Cuz I beat that sh*t on Super Nintendo when I was 12. And it was cooler. 
  • But, nothing beat Duck Hunt. :)
  • 90s clothing has made a comeback. Leggings and  converse. I thought only OUTDATED old shit comes back in style, like platforms of the 70s or the rockabilly style of the 50s... not anything during MY OWN lifetime!
  • I can chant and clap "Miss Suzie had a steamboat, the steamboat had a bell, the steamboat went to heaven, the steamboat went to Hell-o operator......" better than my kid can. *hell, I wrote that sh*t!
  • I remember then watching Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing... and watching it now on TMC.. the classics! wtf?!?
  • I get more excited about bbqin with the homies than going crazy clubbin! *what happen to my 20s?
  • I hate all this new rap... what happened to the classic Tupac? *oh snap. did I just say classic?
What can you add to this list?

C'mon.... make me feel old.... Grrrrrrr.


Michele Chastain said...

Hahaha...I am almost 43 and never stopped wearing Converse! But then again, I have no fashion sense and have been known to don leggings still. LOL
You are beautiful...embrace it! :)

Refried Dreamer said...

haha.... i dress up and STILL wear converse. Can't ruin a good thing!!!

Angeles said...

oh my god! you are so darn cute! i loved loved reading your post! it reminded me of so many cool things! even if it means im old too! lol! great post! :) she-ra! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Tupac! california loooove...

I'm so lame haha

Mama of 4 said...

Duck Hunt ROCKED!!! We are so not old my friend, I will be 30 next month too ;)

Nikki said...

I JUST found converse (real ones) here in my town... wait for it.... in my size!!! (91/2 is hard to find in Navojoa) So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Damn...I'm old

Amanda said...

I caught Issac and I ranting about "kids these days," with some older (meaning retired) couples the other day. For sure that's going on the list.

aldo said...

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Bikini By 30 said...

When there are an abundance of Cabbage Patch Kids out during the holiday season I love to go and study them all and look at their weird randomly generated names. I remember my Cabbage Patch so well. My dad went after work one day apon hearing a local store had gotten them in and snagged one. She had short dirty blonde yarn hair and green eyes and her given name was Meredith Sadie. In my five year old wisdom, I decided her name should be changed to "Carol." My guess is that I was watching a lot of Growing Pains at the time :)

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