Saturday, February 28, 2009

I got hit.

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1.. A bottle of wine solves all my problems. ( and puts hubby to sleep!)

2. I live in the gay capital of the world in one of the most conservative countries.

3.I´ve been married for 4 years, together for 7, and it still feels like its the first year. I still get butterflies.

4. I have been alot of things: a pro. quilter, stylist, entreprenuer, and now an apprentice tattooist and piercer. (& at one point, a cocktail waitress.)I have a hard time committing to one thing and I don't plan on it.

5.. I always wished I was like other Chicanos and had family in Mexico and spoke fluent spanish. Now, I freakin live there and am picking it up hella quick.

6. I dreamed that my perfect man was straight gangster(haha), had the huevos to stand up for me, had respect, and took control... but also was intelligent, talented, respectful,family oriented, supportive, and capable of anything. I found him. <3

7. Our family has started a new tradition. Christmas will bring no gifts. Instead, we take a vacation together... to puerto vallarta, agaumilpas, merida... wherever we can spend time together.

8. I own a Sex shop in Mexico.

9. This last year was very difficult. I lost my best friend, my life that I had created, my family as a whole, and my identity. I found the true meaning of friendship, the deceit of so called friends, the value of family and how strong I am both emotionally and spiritually. While the year was difficult, I had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people that helped me through the hard time, whether it was listening, supporting or just going dancing to change the mood. I love you guys and I owe you, big time.

10. My kids are the best.. I think they are raising me. Every day, they remind me to be a little more patient, less precise, and enjoy life.

11. I've always wished I was one of those girls who could wear stilettos all night without braking an ankle or being in complete agony. ( thanks andrea!)

12. I´m a perfectionist. If you ask me to do something, it´s going to be done right. exactly right.

13.Punctuality is crucial. Apparently, that's a foreign concept here in Mexico.

14. I 've always been a fan of cheesy mexican stuff like the virgin of guadalupe, tradiional colors, day of the dead, and the calaveras.

15. I don´t panic in emergency. I stay cool, think clearly, and take control of the situation. I credit that to my parents who were policemen and taught us to react without emotion. Instead, I'll have a break down over waffles.

16. Someone shot my dog to death in my backyard when I was going through the divorce of my parents when I was 10. I'm still not over it.

17. I can't make a decision..... seriously... i can influence opinion, but you make the ultimate decision.

18. I love to fish with my husband, but in 7 years, I've prolly only held a fish 4 times.... for photos only... and cuz he MADE me. I'm scared to death of them. They'll prolly bite a digit off!

19. Until this last year, I never realized how much I still need my mom. She is the absolute, most supportive person in my life... even if i piss her off...which is quite often.

20. I hate to cook... but I love to experiment. Rarely will I cook the same thing twice. My kids are my guinea pigs.

21. Martha Stewart is still my idol. She's better than Barbie.

22. If i'm gonna have a nervous breakdown or my kids are driving me nuts and fighting... I start singing.... in the car, in the kitchen, where ever. I tell the kids, if I don't hear u singing.... you're grounded. It def. changes the mood.

23.. I once picked up a midget and took a photo with him. Dude, they're seriously heavy. Lucky me, I've got birthing hips to rely on for support.

24. I used to be a band nerd.... band camp and all.

25. I want my space all day, but i'm clingy when I sleep. Some part of my body has to be touching my hubby... or I can't sleep.

so since I haven't got a clue on ow to tag on here... let's do Sunshine (Mandy), Arcy, PuertoVallarta Girl, Carita Mia, El Random Hero. Thanks!


Amanda said...

I already did this on my blog just the other day. Glad you did it so I can get to know you better.

El Random Hero said...

hahah I did mine

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

What fun to read. I have been waiting to get my next tattoo for years - - I have to get it done. Field trip to Jalisco!!!!

IKUSKA said...

I just found your blog a couple of days ago and I love it. My life so far coudnt be more different from yours, but there are some similarities that not only make me smile and laugh but also give me strength to keep on with my dreams. Thank you

(I am tattooed and wanting to live in Mexico for a while).

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