Sunday, February 22, 2009

By golly, I've got it.

I know what it is. My problem, I mean. Javo said something to me the other day. (he's my employee) From what I UNDERSTOOD, he said that I was different. Different from the people here. It's a good thing he said... but the people here in Mexico are cabrones. Todo. You want to do this, this, and this.... when you should sit back and just watch. It's different here in Mexico. You have to acostumbre.
I think that's it. I won't accept the fact that I'm here in Mexico and I don't want to change. And I think what makes it harder to adjust to this extreme Catholic and reserved community, is that I have always been a person to push the boundaries... to do what you say I can't. In the States, my whole family are policemen. Everyone... mom, dad, stepdad, uncles, aunts... you name it are conservative, republican, devout Catholic/Christian, reserved and highly opinionated. I come along... get a back piece, two sleeves and a spider tattooed on my neck, brought home a felon,tattoo artist, had my kids before marriage.. Blah blah blah, WHILE being successful. We supported ourselves a little untraditionally. I did hair and professional quilting (hehe), and sometimes passion parties at homes. Hubby tattooed and pierced, also doing a little motorcyle and classic car airbrushing at home. I loved our weird life. It just fit.
I want to have the same lifestyle that I did at home... but it seems to be so taboo here in Mexico. I don't wanna change... for anybody. Here in Mexico, I still have the tattoos and so does my hubby, but we got asked at private school functions, not to let them show so much....not because they have a problem with it, but other parents will... and they don't want that to affect our kids. Sometimes it was like that in the States, but tattoos and whatnot are so popular nowadays, it was only a problem with snobby snobby people and poor white trash who didn't think that they were. When i met new clients, I always toned it down and let me clients get to know me. Once they saw my work, then I didn't worry about it anymore. I'm a package, not a first impression.
Sex here is so taboo. So it's not a surprise that I didn't tell my kids' school that we own a Sex Shop. Since doing hair doesn't pay all that well here, I am also learning to tattoo and pierce. In fact, hubby, * on the hush*, let me practice piercing his belly button... which he removed 10 seconds later, of course. *wink wink. I love the rockabilly style and music, tattoo shows, and all that comes with it. AND i don't see a damn thing wrong with it. My kids are smart, well adjusted and have a more ROUNDED and realistic view of how the world really truly is. CRAZY CRAZY STORIES. But apparently, that's wrong here in Mexico. Women are more reserved and literally, stand behind their man. If I would have moved to my hubby's small, rinky dink town, I would have absolutely lost it. Here in Guadalajara, it's at least a bit more modern. I don't think I would have to change that much.Nonetheless, I've got some 'splaining to do... well at least a little changing.


On Mexican Time said...

Hola Chica - Yes, we sure do have a lot of getting used to, don't we??!!!

Good Luck!!!!!

Doña Junta said...

Your Blog is great! for the longest I was trying to comment and it wouldn't let me =( womp womp but I am glad you fixed it.

Sunshine said...

Yes, we have to learn to let go and go with the flow...I am so like you...if i want a certain job i get it...if you tell me NO...i find away for you to tell me YES...I have the go get um attitude and here...oh no..nohting happens on my's mexico time...something that's taking me awhile to get used to.

PuertoVallartaGirl said...

Hey, yeah, I can understand your issues. Í thought maybe guadalajara would be more modern?What about Mexico City, they are really modern there aren´t they? Too far away though. but I heard they have or will have weed cafe's?

It really is a soul searching experience living in mexico, touristy or not. Hey thats an idea.. what about a touristy town?. I just can't seem to make friends with the mexican ladies. I mean I can make aquaintances. but My favorite subject to talk about is sex and spirituality and somehow people don't think they go together. Oh... I feeel a blog coming on. I'll have to think about that.

ok ttys.
PS, i'm going to be in a small podunk town for awhile wish me luck, I about lose my mind.

Amanda said...

So I only have one small tattoo on my ankle and one on my back but people here do look at me funny even for that. Although Im also in a much smaller town. Me and my hubby have wanted for 3 years to get a new one but because he was here and me now we didnt trust any of the artist here. Because you all are from the states and understand sanitary issues we would love to check you out can you send me some of your hubbies art.

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