Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Poo-slinger, Lou Dobbs

Now I'm a big fan of CNN. It might be the fact that it's the only real American news channel that we get here in the middle of Mexico. Most of the newscasters, I feel, are pretty neutral and give the nonpartisan influence.... news is news. Except, the more I watch, the more and more Lou Dobbs irritates me. I mean, really irritates me. "Non partisan independant" my ass. His news stories are more hypothesis and opinion more than fact. He throws vast accusations around like a monkey flings its poo. I don't like him. But I still watch it.

Tonight irritated me even more so. Tonight, good ole Lou did yet another report on the war on drugs. It's appalling to hear his claims of honor as he spits forth bigotry, almost a perverse hatred. In his "Broken Border" segment, he sites "Mexican" immigration as being a problem... not Chinese,or Indian, or Canadian. I understand that he fights for secure borders and immigration reform, but not after he applaudes the efforts of Minutemen vigilantes. Of course, he included mentioning how illegals are the ones bringing all the drugs in the country, smuggling other immigrants, and how the gangs in the US are from Mexico.Daily, he spouts his rhetoric on Mexican immigration with such tenacity, acting as "if" he is one of us, reiterating the fact that these illegal criminals are draining our economy through welfare and medical care. If only he had checked those claims first and realized that only 13% of immigrants, legal or not, obtain social services. He must not have realized that 38.8% are white and 37% are african american. Oops. He must have missed that one. But it won't matter. He'll go on to demand more ICE raids and more families torn apart. Gotta love his ethics.

Later in the day, I found a really interesting website and i've linked to my "blog's I follow" list on the right. The website is and there is an immigration blog with current news, activists, letters, etc... that are underway. To become part of the immigration movement, please check out the website and learn something new. While you're at it, Sign the petition for the DREAM act. Finding sites like this make me realize that Lou Dobbs DOESN'T represent normal, middle class Americans like us. We're better than that. We can make a change.

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