Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Whole lotta goodness.

First, buy a lowrider arte magazine. They did the Guadalajara Tattoo expo and there is a pic of my hubby tattooing me!!! Yippee! www.lowriderarte.com

Second, Kiddos started school today.

This morning got started a little early... I don't think they were quite ready for it!!!
How exciting huh? Papa came down from the States to help us take his grandkids to school for the first time. Moosecake took it like a champ, even though it was harder on her with the language barrier. Little One though, didn't like the idea from day one. He dragged last night. He dragged this morning. He dragged up the steps of the school. Except when it was time to go into class. He clenched my hubby's arm, clothes, body, whatever he could get.... started crying and screaming his head off. I was devasted. I didn't have to go. I could wait with him for a bit. But no, teachers said we had to go. I heard him screaming down the hall. I thought he was going to go into a panic attack or something. Hubby reminded me that he did the same thing when he went into day care for the first time. Fine. I remember. Moosecake never did that. Girls are tougher. Little One is a momma's boy.

I was counting the hours, the minutes, the seconds to go and pick them up. In fact I read the clock wrong and was ready to go 45 min. early. Damn. I'll go back to work. When time came, we hustled over there so fast, just to find Little One, happy as a clam, playing on the floor with some blocks. I should have known. He ran over so happy. The lady at the front unlocked the gate and he slowly came over and acted like nothing had ever happened.... like he had the best day in the world. And he did. He not only understood the spanish school... but also helped the other kids with their english in english class. He was quite proud.

Moosecake had it a little harder. First, her lunch box leaked. Then, the kids were so excited to see her, they kept asking question after question, and she only could answer her name. Finally, she was able to handle the english class cuz, duh.... she was the only one who spoke it perfectly. She was a little overwhelmed overall. But, she made it throught the day. Tomorrow will be better.

I am really diggin this school. First, the kids brought chips in their lunch. They weren't allowed to eat them... haha... cuz it was junk food. 1 point for mom. Only nutricious food is allowed in lunches. Second, the school made an exception for Moosecake and allowed her in without a test and as a "listener" only. Another point, as this will relieve some pressure off her shoulders. SHe will follow along and be responsible for math and whatnot, but this year is basically for her to meet kids and adjust to the culture and language. Third, the "english" teacher is going to set time out to work just with her on her spanish twice a week. I can't ask for more than that. The teachers are going to work with them both on their spanish and can understand a little english themselves. The school is very nice, reasonable in price, and close to the shop. I think I'm more excited than the kids. Unfortunetly, they did ask us heavily tattooed parents, when there are school events, to please try and cover up a bit... not because the CATHOLIC school rejects it... but most parents who have their kids in private school are somewhat snobby and will have their kids be mean to ours. And my hubby and I agree. It's not fair for the kiddos. They barely batted an eye when hubby told them that he tattoos for a living. We left it at that. I couldn't bring myself to tell them about the sex shop. ***

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Doña Junta said...

That is dope you got a spot in the mag!

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