Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hard Knocks, Doh!!!!

The streets of Guadalajara come alive at night. My hubby and I celebrated our anniversary last night and decided to check out a restaraunt that we had seen on Discovery. We searched for a good while, getting lost on sidestreets and whatnot. Santo Coyote restaurant was definetely worth the effort. I highly recommend any visitor to Guadalajara to check this place out. The food was great... about 220 pesos a plate, the atmosphere was phenomenal, and the entertainment was there, but not overpowering. They had elaborate Mexican decor, Folklorico dancers, murals everywhere. At first, the waiters seemed kinda presumido, but start a conversation and they are more than willing to help you out. They gave us names and directions to other bars and clubs, places that hubby and I would want to check out. We enjoyed a bottle of wine and set forth to the next club.

We ended up, believe it or not, at an Irish pub. After a few beers, and starting to feel a little comfortable, I spotted, yup... DUFF beer. haha... from the Simpsons!!! Definetely had to have one. Hubby said it's like Sam Adams, but I guess they make it here in Guadalajara. A few shots later, I asked the DJ to throw on some Michael Jackson, for old times sake, and he threw on the video and all. Rockin out with Hubby made the night worth it.

Last night was great. WIthout the kiddos, we had a night to flirt and play.... turning out like it was one of our first dates. I kinda pushed his boundaries a bit. While driving home, I threw on some cumbia and told him to pull over. I got out of the car and pulled him out. We danced in the streets. He was a little uncomfortable at first, but then went with it. We had so much fun, just going with it and being silly. I reminded myself again why I love him so much and why I married him. I don't think the night could have got any better. We had a fabulous dinner, a transition at a pretty hip bar, had a Duff (have you had one???), got to listen to Micheal, danced in the streets......with the man I loved for the last seven years. Well, it almost did. After that, we kinda started making out in the car, like we were kids. Yup. and just like we were kids.... cops came. Not the cops in the States, but crooked Mexican cops. Pulled hubby out of the car... threatened to take us to jail, impound the truck everything. They even took my hubby's wallet out of my hand and opened it up.... twice checking how much freakin money he had. I should have known better and hidden the damn thing. Hard Knocks. They emptied our wallet. Charging us 2000 pesos. Crooked sons of bitches. Nonetheless, I didn't care. I wouldn't have changed a thing. I had the best time in the world with my best friend.... and then got quickly reminded that now I'm in Mexico.

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Doña Junta said...

aww sounds like you had a great time despite the cop drama! i know it's late but congrats!

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