Monday, February 16, 2009

I give up.

My store got broken into last night.

How? I don't know. In fact, Valentine's Day sales were really good and my employee thankfully dropped the cash with my hubby at the Tattoo shop. He closed up shop and gave hubby the keys. Well, today I rolled into work.. happy that I just bought 100 new videos at a great price only to find the cash box COMPLETELY empty. okay. Maybe Javo dropped ALL of the cash with hubby. Okay. I'll check the computer and verify sales and go on to check receipts. hmmm.... sales were over the amount dropped. hmmm... my slips are missing too. (daily drops etc.) I have NO IDEA where the money is, how much should be there etc.... FUCK. So I call Javo and ask him where the money is. (Now mind you, Javo is almost "gay", very honest, and straightforward about everything.) He said it was in the box. Nope. He was on his way down. He was just as shocked. He remembers exactly how much was left in the box. He wouldn't steal it. ANY time he has ever gave the wrong change, he fixes it out of his pocket. Plus, he's on commission and will be getting good sueldo this week AND he did a big drop before he left. If he was going to take it, wouldn't he have included all the money? He starts freakin out. Then hubby gets to thinking. The only other ones with keys would be the OLD owner and his horrible, backstabbing, thief employee. Old Ricky was dealing poppers, prostitutes, and spying on people. No wonder there is a bad name around the shop. In fact, he's pissed off at the old owner right now. i don't even think he knows that we bought the shop. Maybe he wanted to make it look easy. Maybe he'll come back. Javo wraps the money in the slips every night. So, all the slips were gone. Plus, later in the day, I noticed TWO masterbaters were missing as well. I KNOW Javo didn't take them. Gay guys just don't do that sort of thing. Nonetheless, we changed the locks tonight. A real register is coming next. Still waiting for cameras. Lucky for us, only 738 pesos plus the toys is gone. So, all in all, I only lost about 1000 pesos. (less than 100 bucks.) argh. I'm still irritated.
In the middle of the confusion, a client comes back. His penis pump doesn't work. ARGH!!!! it was an old product from the old owner. So yup, I took a loss on that one too and gave him a new one at a better price. Now, add another 400 pesos.
Still, I tried to be optimistic. I rearranged some things, priced the videos, etc.... And not ONE freaking person came into the store today. NOT ONE!!!! only people who wanted to sell their pirata crap or wanted money or wanted hookers. Seriously, I'm so freakin irritated right now.
Just when i thought it couldn't get any worse, in comes hubby. "Get the kids before I lose it." He never loses it. But I think he was about to. (the kids get back from school and go to his shop until i'm done at mine, then we go home) I close my shop and go visit his. Oh no. The kids thrashed everything, picked chunks off the adobe walls, dirtied the floor (he just mopped and is sick), were screaming, fighting, and crying. He had clients in the shop and the kids didn't give a shit.
I'm a horrible mom. Since hubby didn't lose it, I did. I'm so tired. I feel like all we do is give and try to make things easy. Well, apparently it's working, because the kids don't have to do squat. They didn't understand what was wrong. I don't know where we went wrong. Yesterday, they played in the store so hard, that Little One broke a bottle. Seriously, I thought I had control of my kids. On Saturdays, it's major clean and I yell ALL FREAKING DAY LONG to get some help with the dishes and their crap off the floor so I can sweep and mop. Yup, they have chores, but they only do them after I scream at the top of my lungs. THHHHHEEEEENNNNN..... they'll get up and off the computer or the wii. I'm freaking done. I got so pissed off. I told them that if they can't get along, then one of them is going back to the States. I shouldn't have done that. But I did. They blamed each other and called each other liars. Yippee. I took away the tv, computer, wii. I had Moosecake write a list of 10 things of something that someone else did for her and three things that she did for someone else. there was nothing. the ones she listed I crossed off as I reminded her how I had to yell 500 times to get her to do it. I'm so irritated.
Part of me blames my parents. And I know they don't do it to be mean, but to help my kids adjust, to give them what we can't, and well, just because they're the only grandkids. But damn, EVERYTIME my kids want something, they buy it. They don't have to clean, pick up, do anything. And when they fight, they get them both something to break it up. I can't deal with my own kids anymore. We barely have enough money to pay the bills and as soon as we pick them up from school, they want fruit cups from the street vendor. Okay. Then, the farmacia, extra big juices. Fine. Then, they don't want to wait till they get home, they convince dad to ORDER them food and then get mad when it's not the right amount.
Now I bet you're thinking, what little brats. And really, they aren't. They are good kids. I just don't know how we got to this point. If it was the move, the adjustments, the school,puberty, or the lack of communication with the world around us. I don't know.

I need a drink.

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Amanda said...

What I love is that your opening line is far from truth. You wouldnt be here if you gave up easily. So good to meet another hard head. :)

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