Thursday, February 12, 2009

A little bit of whining, a little bit of Bitching...mostly bitching.

time to vent. ****

I'm still waiting to apply for my visa here in Mexico. I've got the tourist one, but that's about it. Hubby is supposed to apply for me, but his previous marriage in Mexico and divorce in the States, is racking up quite a bill. Because the town he got married in here in MX, is a tiny little unorganized brown dot on the freakin map, and has no clue about rules, regulations, government, organization, consistency, or even FAIRNESS. I swear, I think everyone here is trying to out cheat someone else. Anyways, we've had a really hard time with registering this divorce down here. First, we got all the documents from the States. I asked hubby if they needed to have the apostillaje (certification from the federal government). Simple enough, and about 25 bucks for each set. Nope. The lawyers down here said they didn't need that and they could take care of everything. My ass they would!!! They took the documents and sent them BACK to the states for the apostillaje and translation and conveniently sent us the bill for $10000 pesos. Which at the time, was about $1000 bucks. Okay. Our fault. We learned. Then, the judge wanted an ADDITIONAL piece of paper from the US, which the State of Nevada doesn't issue. Well, then he wanted an official paper stating that Nevada doesn't issue it. Well, shit, so i went back, went through hoops to get this paper signed and APOSTILLAJE, only to come back and note... OOPS. They got me for the translation fee. So, finally, we get a new lawyer... supposedly a family friend. RIIIIGHT!!! He gets all the stuff, gives it to the judges, and AGAIN, it's not enough. Now they want a RESPONSE from his ex, who by the way, lives in the states, is remarried, and a pain in the ass. So we create this whole thing, to contact her family here in Mexico and not give a response so the whole thing gets cleared. But again, here's the price... and additional $7000 pesos. I don't think I've got enough money to do that, then get myself a visa AND the kids. I swear, I think they're messing with us.

Next come our cars. We sold one in the States and my parents gave us their 95 camry to bring down. Well, apparently, the Camry is too old to register, and our 04 Suv, is too new. So again, with a price tag of 21000 pesos, just the camry can be legalized. I don't even think it's worth that anymore! I don't even want to imagine what the truck is going to be! Well, in the same little town, there is a UCD office... a United Campesinos-somthing, that's supposed to help repatriots coming back to Mexico bring their stuff down and have protection from the government without a huge price tag. Sweet. I got a tag for my camry that costs us $800 pesos. They assured us that all we had to do was bring our vehicle border tag and they would send that back to the border with a note saying that our car was in the process of being legalized. We returned is a week with the tag only to find out that there is an additional cost, $400 dollars (5500 pesos) AND afterward we still have to legalize the car. Let's not forget the SUV as well.

Let's keep going. Now the doctors bill for the surgery... and the uniforms cost, and school for the kids, and the fees for FM2 and whatnot.

What bugs me, is how are people here in Mexico able to afford to do all these things? seriously, you can say, well the things you want to do are focused at Americans, who are assumed to have money and I can agree. But for example when you go to BUrger King, or Costco, the merchandise there costs almost double what it would be in the states. With my shop, I went looking for new distributors yesterday. Found a couple of toys for sale for, get this, $1200 pesos. That's ALOT for a sex toy here in Mexico. What these people don't know is, that you can get an account with the manufacturer and get that exact same thing for $5 dollars plus s/h. These people are being screwed. Not only that, but they aren't being compensated for in pay. I seriously don't understand what the hell is going on. plus the dollar dropped again, so the value of the peso dropped again. it's at 14.15 pesos to the dollar. damn it.
On top of it, when my little store does okay, which is only around major holidays, my hubby's tattoo shop takes a hit. big time. then when I scrap by with mine, he's booked solid. I gotta adapt to this country quick. I can't figure out what's gonna happen next.

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Doña Junta said...

Well that why Mexico is so dam corrupt the government wants money for every single thing weather it be legit or under the table or forced out of you. That's why the freaken cartels run the shit with the drug's, money, and violence.Both the gov't and cartel's are out of control. Good Luck

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