Saturday, November 6, 2010

Death is Dying.

I've already demonstrated how much I hate f*in idiots here, here, here and especially here.... and yet again, they continue to astonish me. Every year, Mexico loses more and more of its cultural traditions to American imperialism ex.. Posadas to Santa, Resurrection to the bunny, and now Dia de Los Muertos. Being replaced by the American tradition demanding candy,the Day of the Dead is holiday of GIVING to cherished loved ones, honoring the past generations and celebrating embracing death. Altars are built, offerings, which derived from the Aztec and other prehispanic cultures, along with pan de muerto, cempatsutchiles (marigolds), and other personalized gifts are placed with candles and photos of loved ones.Every year, Dia de Los Santos (for deceased children) and Dia de Los Muertos (for all others) bring back to life, those that were lost.

This year, I haven't seen very much celebration surrounding Dia de Los Muertos. After reading other blogs and reading how other communities seem to be losing touch with their heritage, I was really excited when there was an installation of catrinas displayed on Ave. Vallarta. A few days later, I stopped at a few to take some pictures to share when I noticed that a majority of them had BEEN VANDALIZED!!! Calaveras were missing, attire shredded, and two of them BURNED!

I sit here and bitch about American imperialism destroying the culture of other countries and instead, it is the fault of its own society. It seems as if half of the people don't give a rats *ss about their culture/belongings/streets etc... or anybody else's and the other half, don't feel it's their responsiblity to take care of it. I've asked many of my clients who work in Ayuntamiento, Hacienda or other gov't offices and can you guess the response? "It's not my responsibility."

Oh of course. I forgot.


Leah said...

As you know, it's Dead here in Veracruz city, too. And I wouldn't be surprised if some sort of commemorative display were installed here, they would also be wrecked and ruined by locals. It seems in the big cities people just love destruction. Of everything. There is a huge difference between Veracruz city and the small towns that surround it. I hope to move out of the madness someday.

Tancho said...

We used to do crazy stuff,but it only involved shaving cream and seltzer bottles ( dating myself) prior generations seemed to understand basic respect a little better. Now there is NO respect for anything...but then THEY demand respect or they will pull the trigger...?
Maybe, they will see the light?
I don't think so.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

It is getting really frustrating to see= or lack really of seeing the proud display of culture that my husband remembers from his youth in Guanajuato. But I thikn he also remembers with childs eyes.

His first job ever was waking up early and going to the cemetary on the day of the dead and the day before and he made money cleaning and painting the sites. He remembers very foldly long days with many many famiies all celebrating at the gravestones.

I hope to go back there soon and I hope even more that it is still the same. We will see.

Refried Dreamer said...

@Leah: I don't know how you're doing it. with all the crap (no pun intended) that's going on in your neck of the woods, i hope things get better this upcoming year. :)

@tancho:simple stuff was fun. Hell, i remember egging other kids on halloween.. but i don't ever remember vandalizing thing. bummer how times have changed.

@Rosas: Last year in GTO, we went to the cememtaries and it was alot of fun...There is still alot of flowers and of course, cleaning to be done. hopefully you guys can get down there and relive those memories. :)

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