Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I apologize in advance to any hotel workers.

Maybe after reading Gringa-in-Mexico's Dirty Hotel Secrets, I've started paying a bit more attention to the hotel workers and how we treat them.... and I've come to a conclusion.

I'm f'ing over it.

I'm polite. I don't cause a fuss. And believe it or not, my hubby is even MORE kick back than I am. I believe in common courtesy, service, and a positive attitude. I think that is what sets our shop a little apart from other "rockstar" shops here in Mexico. We try to take care of every client, and aside from quality work, be positive,knowledgable, and responsible. Isn't that how you would want to be treated?

Since we've been here in Mexico, EVERY hotel that we've stayed in has screwed us one way or another. Stupid shit, like in PV, where hubby ordered drinks with Jimador tequila (a cheapo) and when we got the bill for 4 drinks (two of mine were 100 pesos), we were floored with the amount. 970 pesos!!!!!! For what?!? The waiter took off for the day... end of shift, i suppose. He charged us for Don Julio anejo. wtf?!? They couldn't do a damn thing about it since the waiter left...cept give us a free shot. well, i suppose that will ease the tension for now... but WTF?!? You can't do a damn thing about it?!? that was 70 bucks for 2 drinks. Fine... next time... we'll trudge our big ass cooler out to the pool with our own beer.

The Mexico City hotel in Zona Rosa was just ridiculous.I could talk about the coked out bellman, stolen camara which "magically" reappeared, or all the random hookers... but seriously, all chilangos are just plain crazy. Period.

In our own town, for the Guadalajara expo, hubby reserved 4 hotel rooms. We also had a seminar in the same building. Hubby went down to the front desk and waited patiently for the clerk. He was to put down his CC to secure the rooms. The lady told him she was WAAAAAAY slammed and said just to come back tonight and his reservations would be fine until then. We came back after the seminar... and no rooms. Hotel COMPLETELY booked. What about the lady? Rude ass evening shift said that's not his problem. He doesn't control day shift. There's nothing he can do.

Am I sensing a theme?

We, instead, had to shuttle ourselves, sister, and her fiance, and bro-in law BACK to our house, which my kids and my parents were already comfortable... and makeshift for the night. In a little house with alot of shit, that kinda sucked. I was able to make reservations the following night....

Last, and surely the best, prolly cuz it was so recent.... was the expo in Guanajuato. We got there. Our room was on the 5th floor. Only stairs. Turns out, hubby's sisters' childhood friend was a manager there. She moved our room to a bi-level-ish first floor. Sweet! Tattoo expo was okay. The entire hotel was booked with artists. They even gave us little tickets for complimentary lunch... valid between the hours of 2-5. Great. Hubby was booked. We never used them. Hubby was finished about 8. We decided to go eat... at the only restaurant in the hotel and that COMPLETE area of town. We walked up front. Completely ignored. Excuse me. Two, please. Both the waiter and the hostess turned around and I swear, gave us at least two up-downs. oh hell no. "Your coupons are only valid between 2 and 5." Wow. Okay. thanks. but we'd like to eat now. They did nothing but move out of the way. Hubby and I walked in and found a table. We sat. and sat. and sat....watching ALL other tables being taken care of. We thought, hmmm.... maybe it's only a buffet. no menu. We got up and served ourselves and sat back down. Hubby got up again. The plates began to pile. Not ONE person came to help us or offer drinks. Finally, hubby got up and went to the original waiter in the front, and this time was pissed. Are you a waiter or a busboy? "uh... I'm a waiter." Then do your job. By the time someone came, we were already done eating. They brought one beer, instead of two. And the bill. Ignorant assholes.

Same hotel, I am walking up the stairs with a HEAVY ASS suitcase with tattoo gear. THREE bellmen, literally, WATCH me stumble up the stairs and almost fall over. I get to the last step, and then someone asks me if I'd like some help. No thanks. Down there would have been nice. I could keep going with little petty shit, extra fees, and stupid comments... but will it end?

Alot of tattoo artists were treated like shit. It sucked. Hubby didn't want to say anything because his sister's friend worked there. The conclusion is, this will be the last tattoo expo in Guanajuato we will ever go to. Everyone was treated like a criminal... I'm wondering if that is why we Americans ARE different. Mind you, I'm aware there are prejuidices all around the world... but I think we are a bit more open. We, as a whole, were looked at as mierda.. the walking shit of the street. I'm wondering how much longer it will take Mexico to catch up to the rest of the world in acceptance, education, and toleration... since it supposedly is taught so much in the schools here. Things are a little more up to date in Mexico City and GDL, but little 'ole Guanajuato? It will take decades.

I wish I could swear off all hotels there... but Cervantino is looming and dear friends are coming.
I've made reservations WITH a confirmation number!
and am praying that this time, it goes well.

I apologize to anyone who got offended. Has anyone else had a problem? or is it just my luck?!?


Sunshine said...

La Fiesta Inn in Tuxtla, Chiapas....if you make your reservation online...better be sure and call the damn hotel and make sure that you actually do have a room! Because...they might just tell you when you get to the front desk...that the computer system is not working properly and that they dont have any rooms available....that you need to find another one! No..free nada! Even though you have a reservation number! No complaints....other than...if you show up and need a room right hten..be prepared to pay at least $1000 pesos more than if you book it online! That is at the nicer hotels! The little itty bitty ones....be careful...they probably dont have hot water...and ohhhhh....ohhhhh...ohhhh...towels...bring your own...and your own washclothes...you get stuck with a hand towel...not good!

Refried Dreamer said...

thanks for reminding me... GDL hotel also had warm water and a big ass HOLE IN THE WALL!!! my sister's room, the air conditioner didn't work. My BIL's room, there was no air conditioner! And it was supposedly a 4 star hotel!?!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Dude, it's totally cool. If you get shitty service then THEY SUCK the donkey balls, not you! I only bitch about giving good service and still being treated like I'm less than human. I want to smack the people who screwed up your reservations and left you roomless in a booked hotel, that's fucking rediculous. And FIVE FLOORS with no elevator? Who the shit thought it was a good idea to build a hotel with no ELEVATOR?? Gahhhhh I hate people, I hate them on all sides.

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