Monday, November 8, 2010

Keg Stand anyone?

Cruisin' the Blog Frog the other day, I came across a post by MamaKat that drew my attention.... Can Mom's Get Drunk?

There's no correct way of parenting. Each of us mothers, from our own childhood experiences, or maybe what's happening now in your life, affect the way we raise our children. 

Don't let my profile picture fool you. Those weren't tequila bottles... they were, eh hem, good nite juice.

So here it is..... Are Mom's allowed to get drunk? how about drinking in general? Girl's nights out? After children? Taboo?

What are your thoughts?


Ritamg said...

Yes, we are allowed. But there is a big but that goes with it. When my son was almost 2 years old, I went out on a St. Paddy's day celebration and stumbled home about 4:30 in the morning. At 6 A.M. my son, the early bird, climbed out of his crib, threw my door open, and declared, "Time to wake up, mommy, it's all done dark."

I decided that the fun I had the night before was not worth trying to keep up with a 2-year-old while I had a major hangover.

Anonymous said...


Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

live your life in moderation and everything should be fine. that is my opinion.

Jill said...

Dear heavens, yes!

However, I do love Rita's story . . . and will always keep it in mind!

I did spend the latter half of my pregnancy with my daughter a little bit resentful of her because I couldn't drink. That resentment wasn't exactly healthy, so I was much relieved when my Wisconsite-mother and Mexican in-laws trumped up the virtues that beer posesses for the breast-feeding mother. All of them are so very true.

But being full-on drunk? If it's only once in a very long while and you're still able to provide adequately for your children . . . no harm, no foul. This is a far, far different thing from being an alcoholic.

On Mexican Time said...


Everything in moderation, and balance. Why not?

Rita's story is one I've heard many times... We learn to deal with what we can handle.

That's my opinion :)

Refried Dreamer said...

I agree with all you of... except anonymous.... but do you think maybe your opinions have changed after moving to mexico? i mean, since we live in the land of the everlasting party? Olé!!!

Jackie said...

Hi there! I found your blog through Expat Blog and it seems as though you're in GDL too. I'm an American who lived in Puerto Vallarta for almost 18 years and now in GDL for a little over a year. I'm married to a Mexican and we have two daughters. One of the most difficult parts of the move from PV to GDL was not having friends that speak English. If you have a moment, check out our blog.


Karen said...

I believe that as long as there is someone reliable and able to take charge/get emergency medical services for your child, then it is fine. What is not fine is having your child with you while you are drunk, and that includes when you are still drunk and they are asleep. Someone who is drinking should never be responsible for your child. (A father near us left his children for approx. 10 minutes to drive his wife to work, their home burnt down and they lost all 3 kids. 10 minutes! Not the same but my point is that it happens so fast. Another friend came home drunk and wanted some fries. Started up the oil to fry them, he fell asleep and burned down his apartment house.) If you return home drunk, your sitter should have your child until you are no longer feeling it at all.

Hey, the hangover is your own fault, lol, maybe the sitter could be convinced to stay a little longer? Probably worth a few bucks, huh? In my house I am not allowed to be hungover, hubby on the other hand sleeps for a day or two.

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