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It's so hard to say Goodbye.....2010 recap

I could begin this post with all sorts of excuses, apologies for my tardiness and lack of consistant threads... but I'm sure you are used to my erratic posting schedule by now.... so I'll just hang my head and move on.

2010 has been an insane, remarkably amazing year for my family and I... nothing too traumatic has happened. Only momentum and positivity. Here's a snapshot of 2010's moments to remember. *note: not all of them include alcohol.

Good friend, OSOK, representing from Califas with Tribal Gear here in GDL. 
*highlight of the night: besides the massive hangover despite our willingness to share, some random bum ran off with our bottle!!! Straight ghetto style!


Highlight of the year: Stupid Graffiti kids pay their dues....

Moosecake got to go fishing with Dad in AguaMilpas... the best place for bass fishing here in Mexico. Reasonable rates. Good food. Good times with Daddy.

Friend Will came down, got tattooed and afterwards... we headed out to Puerto Vallarta. (Barra de Navidad was also a highlight this month) I ♥ this photo with Little One. 

Monterrey Tattoo Expo.... with the heavy hitters... Babo X Bob Tyrell X Indio X Chakal. Amazing time... thuse the "Checa Wey" on my fingertips!


Beautiful closure to an exciting month. Little Sis' n Darren.

I loved the Mother's Day show at the kids' school. Little One was straight vaquero!!!

 This month we welcomed baby Frankie into the Family. Way to follow through Sis #2! :)

Hubby, Little One, and Moosecake.... all with birthdays in a row. We had a small party, with piñata, of course, and insane amounts of candy. *sniffle sniffle.... they're getting so big!


Summer started off with a bang. Disneyland and Yosemite were followed with all sorts of activites to keep the kiddos busy (and off the freaggin' computer!).  

 But the best photos were during their free time. :D

Mexico City Tattoo Convention was full of amazing talent.When not tattooing, we checked out the Zocalo and a few of the major museums in the city. And after that... party time!
Mexico City, I'm surprised we survived! Good times! 

September was too many events to narrow down. Tons of pictures... from the kids' starting a new school, the Guadalajara Tattoo Show, our shop's anniversary party, the London Tattoo Show, my birthday in Amsterdam... I need to write a blog post on that trip alone!!!  Nonetheless... a few highlights.
 New year. New school. Thank God the education outweighs the uniforms!
 Guadalajara Tattoo Expo.... somehow ended up at the club with the hubbies carrying our purses!
 Our shop's anniversary party was a success.....and ended quite well. :)
 London Trip... this was in Paris after waaaay too many shots of absinthe.
 And this one ♥. On my birthday in Amsterdam. Turning 30 was perfect.
 Demon Child and Iron Man on Halloween. Remind me how fun adolescence is. 

Cervantino!!!  Guanajuato, Guanajuato is definitely a place to check out during the month of October. Besides the obvious party vibe, the city transforms into a melting pot of various art, theatre and music from all around the world.

Newlyweds came down to GDL and join us for Thanksgiving. The higlight? of the night was a bottle of wine without a bottle opener. Hubby and BIL tried everything to open that bottle. How many tries does it take married men to desperately open a wine bottle and appease their waiting wives?

Apparently three.  

December was another difficult month to pick and choose photos.... Dressing the tree, making gingerbread houses and pumpkin pie, the kids' school musical, our first posada, fireworks indoors and finally a wonderful christmas brought 2010 to a wonderful close. 
School Musical. Moosecake was the narrator for the whole program and Little One rocked out with his inflatable guitar. 

We held our first Posada this month. Originally, it began as an art gallery with music, appetizers etc.... to benefit the children of Hospital Civil. Unfortunately, after all the toys and food had been collected... the H.C. decided to be (like typical government agencies here)  devious and deceptive. Instead, those donations were taken to a few orphanages around GDL where kids would ACTUALLY benefit from their gifts~

Somehow this year ended in almost the same manner that it began!

2010 seemed to fly by and we've experienced so many great times with family and friends. I can only hope that this next year will be just as blessed.

Wishing all of you guys the very best 2011, full of love, friendship, health and success.



On Mexican Time said...

Ahhh - it's been so long, but loove it when you write!!

Love the pics - especially the one of your hubby and brother in law opening that wine bottle! I gotta say 3 attempts is great!! Professionals!

Your kiddies look adorable in their Christmas outfits!!

Happy New Year amiga!! Can't wait to read about your bday abroad :)

Anonymous said...

I have a parenting question. The other day my 3 year old daughter showed me how old she was by forming her fingers into what I construed as a gang sign that her 14 year old sister probably showed her. The 14 year old tends to lean toward influences that I don't think will end up benefitting her neither in the short nor the long term. There have already been behavioral issues at school. I'm curious as to how you might handle this kind of a situation should you begin to notice this behavior in your daughter? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Michelle said...

hello! i stumbled on your blog and absolutely love your tattoos. :)

i'd love a birthday in amsterdam! :)

Natalie said...

Found you through LBS - your blog title caught my eye!

Looks like you had a fantastic 2010 year!

I'm a fan of tattoos as well - lots of cool ink here.

SpookyJulz said...

I am following from the LBS Tea Party. Love your post! The kids are adorable. You Look like a very fun family! And I love the tattoos.
Julz@ and

Tancho said...

You don't write enough, so get on the ball will you!
You guys look like you have a lot of fun.....I sort of remember those wild and crazy days....enjoy them while you can, the time will slip away sooooo fast..

Flora said...

I found your blog through the Lady Blogger Social Tea Party and I'm glad I did! I'm an expat too, except I live in Singapore.


Nancy said...

Love the recap, some of your photos are really amazing. You seem to have a lot of fun - I am still planning to come over to Guadalajara for another tattoo one of these days! Happy New Year.


YayaOrchid said...

Just found your blog via The Mija Chronicles and enjoyed reading your post. Really enjoyed your post. I'm adding you to my blog list.

Looks like you had a wonderful year full of fun and family time. Keep on sharing!

Amanda said...

I love how you did this post. And I love seeing the pics although I think I had seen most of them previously its cool to see them alll from the year.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a blog post summing up 2010. I enjoyed reading your year and viewing your photos.

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