Monday, October 18, 2010

Lucky Me

Lucky for me I've got great parents.... Grandparents who enjoy their grandchildren immensely (sometimes a little too much) and want to help out hubby and I in our careers. Kids cut out of school early in July and my parents treated us to a week in Disneyland and Yosemite National Park. Lucky me, I stayed for another week or so and then returned to Mejico... sola!

While Hubby and I travelled quite a bit...expo to expo.... working so very hard.... my parents made sure to keep the kiddos busy. Knowing how important it is in Mexico to know how to play futbol, especially if you're a 7 year old extranjero who hasn't a clue, they made sure that Little One spent some time in a soccer camp. And while it didn't exactly teach him to be a world soccer player in two weeks.... it did teach him the basics and now he can confidently join in at school. :)

Moosecake jumped in tenis to stay occupied. This little rockstar picked it up in a breeze!!!
Also on the list, cooking class!!!  While it appears as if the kids would learn to cook simple mother had other plans. Along with cooking stews, cupcakes and other treats, came knife safety and kitchen awareness.....something that BOTH kids lacked.
In between classes they played at home, went to the pool, visited Bodie, the alpaca farm, the Monterrey Aquarium, the beach, the old cars at Hot August Nights, horseback riding, time with my beautiful niece, and well.... seeing their family that they've missed so much.

posing already... just like her momma!!! :)
does anyone else see a problem with this?!?  oh wait, phewwww. Just root beer.

Thank you Grandma and Papa. You made this summer the best ever. Miss you and love you. See you soon. XOXO


On Mexican Time said...

Lucky you is RIGHT!!! WOW, what would we do sometimes w/out the support from our families??? I'm so happy your kids had such a great summer, and looks like you did too!!!!

Mama of 4 said...

Yes! You ARE a lucky girl!

Diane said...

This is an aside but how about writing a blog in support of the 20 year old woman who just assumed the responsibility of the head of police in one of the border states experiencing a lot of crime....cause no one else would. She needs the support of all of Mexico and the US.


Maybe if the blogging community showed support we could start a movement regarding this. Perhaps it will take a woman to bring peace and security back to Mexico! Love your tatoos!

christie said...

Nice! I have wonderful inlaws as well and they are the best grandparents. Now if only I can get them to spring for a family vacay!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Did Moosecake grow TWO feet this last year!!??? She looks so much TALLER and grown HOLY CRAP!!

Other than that, lol, Coooooooll stuff you've ALL got to do! :) It's too dang cool of your parents and so great and mushy and wonderful that your kids get to soak them up :)

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

that is awesome. Grandparents are the best- I cannot wait to be one. It sounds like they got to do a ton of stuff. I really want to get Lena into Futbal. And yeah- your daughter looks really tall- then again- everyone looks tall to me.

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