Thursday, October 28, 2010

Desperate Housewife?......Maybe.

That's it. Now I've done it. I have fallen captive to available American programming......all of it........

Woah. Don't judge me just yet... It's not like I'm watching The Situation n 'Jersey Shore'... fine, once. maybe twice. But I must say that there are some shows that overnight became really addicting, that I might not have ever watched in the States.

It's not like I'm against trashy American programs. There are plenty of purely retarded programs that I love. Like the Dog Whisperer...if i ever had to 'do' an older man, he better look like cesar milan. And That 70's Show... every night on Teen Nick starting at about 10p.m. Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Private Practice, The Doctors, n SCRUBS???? Don't forget my favorites, Desperate Housewives, every Sunday and Wednesday nights, and oooohhh... Cougar Town.... Who doesn't want to be hott and get good ass when you're like 50? The list goes on and on. I think I've even watched Oprah a few times.Whatever it takes to NOT have to watch shows in spanish. Why? Maybe it's my last attempt to cling to my roots, to resist the 'dark side', resonate with something. It's rare to find a program in spanish with the same retarded sense of humor that I so love. Or similar interests. After so long, I don't even bother looking.

However, sometimes pops up a show on the TV Guide that sounds interesting even in spanish. "DROGAS:NEGOCIO REDONDO" Well shit, I understand that! And while the program was completely in spanish, it was easy to understand. Part of a 4 part series, last night's episode was HEROIN. The terrorist trade. Filmed in Canada, there was a segment that really intrigued me. With an increasing number of deaths and disease to users, a clinic, called Insite, opened its doors to offer drug addicts a safe place to inject. With doctors and nurses supervising, drug users are given clean needles and whatever else and given areas to do the "deed", in addition to medical advice and the path to treatment.

Given that this opens the doors for many advocates against drugs and even programs that facilitate use (although it might be helpful), Canada's federal government has been challenging the clinic's right to provide "health services" to drug users. And while the Canadian Medical Journal and countless doctors have fully supported this clinic, it has remained a hot topic of debate, whether for drug prevention or well, voter support.

More on this here..... and here.....

What do you think? Should we support clinics like this and minimize the spreading of disease and overdose? Or do these facilities further increase drug use, making it easier and easier to get hooked?


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Hoorrayyy for T.V. in ENGLISH!! I too have yet to cross to the dark side and watch Mexican t.v. - Telemundo can suck my balls.

The heroin clinics thing....we had one back home but they gave out Methedone as a treatment to get them un-hooked. It seemed that a lot of the people there were folks just too poor to buy drugs anymore and were there for the free fix of SOMETHING - buuttt it's better they were there for that instead of resorting to prostitution for the better stuff. And I would imagine that all of those clinics offer TONS of support for getting off, rehab, counsuling, support groups and such. So... well even if one or three people go in and get help that's better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

I totally watch American programming.

it keeps me sane... and watching Jersey Shore kinda makes me glad I live in Mexico hahahahaha

Leslie Limon said...

I can watch only so much Mexican TV. I prefer to watch anything in English. I have no problem watching the same episodes of CSI or Law & Order! :) I'm so glad that we're getting some of the new shows too. Love me some Modern Family and Glee! :)

Jane said...

Yes, we've had some debates about "Insite" & various clinics on the west coast, and here in Ontario as well. Regardless of peoples' personal convictions or opinions - the stats consistently show that "Insite" lowers the drug-related crimes in that area.

Amanda said...

About TV we are down loaders, Oh yes Pirates. So for sure we watch all our fav shows. One that you have to check out is called Outsourced, its new this season and is so freaking funny. Especially if you have the experience of not living in your own country.

About the clinics its always better to do good for the few that may get out and hope the others will come around eventually. You cant let users and abusers ruin something that can help even just a few people. I think the clinics are good things.

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