Friday, March 19, 2010

Bottle Service please.

Bottle 1: Don Julio Blanco
Location: Monterrey Tattoo Expo, 2010

Aaahhhhh.... Don Julio. A wonderful gift from a fellow tattoo artist in Veracruz. And damn.... it was put to use. The Monterrey Expo, again, proved to be well worth the trip. Hubby did quite well, sold quite a few of his shirts/prints and scored 1st in Women's Color Tattoos. We spent the nights with amazing friends and artists, including Paco Arias (leon, gto.), Chakal (D.f), Cesar (Ritual, Monterrey), Bob Tyrell (USA), Vampira, Stomper (GDL), Tpex (Tribal), Diego y Clarens (Upland, Ca.), Pablo Ash (Spain), Secta (GDL), Chanook (Spain) and many, many others. We also had the opportunity to make some new ones, (Olmo n Crystal from Tulum), Tony Rommel (New York) and party hard in the local, uh..... bulês. ;)  I tattooed for the first time in an expo.... which I loved! ( a little hard to do when tons of people are staring and taking photos) Hubby got down and tattooed a neck piece on Babo from Cartel de Santa. Amazing guy. His crew, his beautiful lady, Miss Mery Dee and Babo himself, partied hard during the expo and made this trip amazing. Thanks to everyone!

My first expo tattoo (just the flowers, not the writing)

Hubby getting down....

another piece by hubby
getting down afterhours....

Babo x Indio
Mery Dee x me
Tribal Gear Representin
Todo el bandon!

Besides this being a perfect expo.... SOMETHING had to fuck up the vibe. I will NEVER and I mean NEVER fly with Viva Aerobus EVER again. Not only did they give us shit checking our luggage with our inks and what not, they reprimanded us for arriving only an hour ahead of time instead of two (flight was at 11am).... but it didn't matter since the PLANE WAS "UNABLE TO DEPART" because of freakin "fog" (who the hell ever heard of fog in Monterrey?) and the next plane was at 5 pm. (mind you, all OTHER FLIGHT WERE ABLE TO LEAVE!!!!) And so we sat, bien crudo, for 6 hours in the crappiest airport with the shitiest food, shitiest service and the most uncomfortable chairs until 5 pm... and then arrived in Leon at 7... unable to get to Abuela's house until 9:30 that night to pick up the kids. Why exactly did the plane not depart on time? I believe it was because they didn't have enough passengers on board to make the trip worthwhile. This damn airline jacks up the prices, continually changing their rates, and then when they can't fill the plane, OOPS... "Stand by, I believe we have encountered fog" (but in spanish, of course.)

Babo x Bob x Indio x Chakal

Nonetheless, I guess it's fair. Anything perfect has to have it's counter to exist... Yin n Yang.

That bottle was worth it. ;)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun time (minus the airport!! I love seeing the tattoo pictures :)

Karen said...

I love reading about your life in Mexico. You and your family are amazing, you took a negative situation and turned it all around into a true adventure. I feel so bad our country treated your husband so badly we just don't learn in the USA. We also have a home in Mexico but are not down there yet full time but soon. Keep writing and I will follow.

Tulum Living said...

Hey baby. It sounds like you guys had a great time. The pics are great. Are you going to the expo in merida?!?!! There might be another bottle in it for you. Probably not Don Julio- and I will be drinking ti too- but hey! it is still tequila.

Olmo and Crystal from Tattooluum are great aren't they. They are some of my best friends. In fact i am on my way this afternoon to get more of my tattoo. :)

Refried Dreamer said...

Karen:Thanks for checking out my blog. Glad to hear you're also enjoying Mexico!!!

Tulum: Haha....No. I don't think we're going to Merida. We're trying really really hard to go to London and Barcelona expo this year... and there's only so much feria. I'll let you know!
Yeah, they were really cool. Enjoy your tattoo!

Leah Flinn said...

Thanks for the insight to Vivaaerobus - I've been considering booking a flight to Cancun this summer w/them...might have to rethink that.

Anonymous said... on a tip from a friend, I recently recommended Viva Aerobús to some peeps "on the other side" but, they are trying to get to Juárez, right anyways......I really don´t know why exactly, but your pix and animan for u tho, not for me.....sin u are for real taking off and being YOU all in a place u JAMÁS thought u would.............I am hangin out here in Sonora for the week for Spring Break and dreaming of the options in my future *here*...........thanks for the inspiration...and Viva TUFESA for their camiones-

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