Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baller on a budget.

After my trip abroad, I was really glad to come home and see the kiddos. HOWEVER, I did realize that there are some ammenities that would make my life in Mexico a whole lot easier. If I am gonna wait 6 months for a haircut in the States, you're damn well sure that I'm trading that for something good. Today I did just that.

After I scrubbed the house down, I "found" 500 pesos in hubby's pants today while washing the clothes with that very popular crappy powder soap. Sneaky me, I jetted off to hubby's work and told him that we needed a few things at the house. He gave me 400 pesos and told me that was it. Fine. Screw this saving money crap... there are somethings that drive me nuts in Mexico. The generic dish soap that turns your hands into sandpaper, the crappy laundry powder that I swear doesn't lift a thing, paper towels that fall apart as soon as you rip them off the roll. I'm over it. If I'm gonna make this work, I'm using what makes me happy...ier.

I headed straight for Costco. I picked up Kirkland Brand Paper Towels, which I guarantee you that will stand up to any kind of work, just like the Viva Towels back home. $235 for an 12 pk. Next,liquid laundry soap from a bottle!!!! That smells yummy! This is a splurge! Dawn dish soap with Vit.E. Trash bags the dog or the roaches can't rip through...and finally me.... a huge bag of frozen mixed berries to make my shakes in the morning and some fruit popsicles for the kiddos, since they were being great. I came real close, but kept it under 900. Phew. Now I can go home and clean the house in comfort.

I guess there really are a few things that I won't, err... can't... live without.


Vadose said...

Hey, I found your blog recently and have been enjoying it a lot - because I can really relate! I splurge on dish soap, body care products, and butter.

I moved down here in September with my husband, into his fam's house, actually (!), down here on Lake Chapala. I thought I'd say hi, rather than remain an anonymous blog follower.

Keep writing! Maybe it's silly, but I feel a lot less alone knowing I'm not the only one who loses it sometimes over the little things.

Amanda said...

When it comes to laundry we do the smelly good stuff to. Otherwise my husband complains that he cant smell his shirts. lol But we also found out that we have to water it down or it stains our cloths in the washer, oh well this makes it last longer and still smells great. Hey I just sent you an e-mail and speaking of Costco you think you can tell us how to get there when we come? And how much is the membership?

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I know exactly what you mean. For me it is the laundry soap even though it does not do much. But the tp and paper towles--- need the splurge.

and don't you just love it when you find money in hubby's pockets. It is like winning the mini mexi lottery!

Refried Dreamer said...

Nice to meet you Vadose!

Amanda: seriously, I don't know how much the costco memberships here cost. I use my card from the states, where it was $45 bucks a year. WELL worth it. We were talking about just the paper towels, which are 240-ish for 12, which is 20 pesos a peice rather than the crappy ones in the stores for 25-35. Costco is on Vallarta, next to the Gallerias. I'll give you directions be4 you come.

Rosas: Haha... you're right! I'm kinda hoping for another mexi-lottery next week, cuz we need dog food.

On Mexican Time said...

For me I hate the butter here - Kirkland brand is the only one that I can stomach the same as back home!!

Oh and Amanda - our Mexican costco membership is 200 pesos for me and hubby for a year! 100 each!

Refried Dreamer said...

how crazy!!! Costco membership is cheaper in Mexico??? Apparently they make it up on the prices. haha... that's cool.

Nancy said...

No Costco here in Mazatlan, we have to make do with a Sam's club. I am close to murder for want of a memory foam mattress topper...any of you recall seeing one at Costco? I think I'd make the drive just for that!

My husband Paul is heading to Guad. next month for 2 weeks of language school, I bet he heads over to see you guys and get some more ink. He has been itching to do his other leg, he is out of balance I guess!

Take care, hope to meet you one day!

Refried Dreamer said...

Hi Nancy,

Err... nope, I haven't seen anything like that at Costco. If I would have, I would have been all over that. I'll keep you updated.

When your hubby comes down, have him come by the shop! it'd be nice to meet ya!

Anonymous said...

oh man-you got me with the trash bags----! We have a Sam's Club and a Walmart in Obregón (like an hour away) and my favorites there are CHEESE: Provolone, Jack, Pepper Jack, Mozzarella, and CHEDDAR! and super random, but Clinical Strength Lady Speed in the heat and humidity here, it is irreplaceable!!! For laundry soap, I have been using Arm and Hammer Liquid with Suavitel included....I found that at Ley; and butter, although, I HATE HATE HATE margarine, my closest replacement is I Can't Believe It's Not Butter for garlic bread and stuff like that, although seeing ICBINB on my grocery receipt ALWAYS triggers a what the ? did I buy? reaction, until I am all oh yeah, that...

K said...

If you live in Mazatlan Soriana Plus has the mattress toppers. Thin but just double up. Good luck.

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