Thursday, May 14, 2009

Numero 3.

Well, here's hoping that everyone had a fabulous mothers day. Special kudos to those that are "getting it done" here in Mexico.

For Mother's Day, I decided to "dress up" a little... meaning that instead of wearing jeans and tennis shoes with all the divots and pot holes in the roads and sidewalks here in Mexico, I figured I wouldn't be walking much. We planned on going over to MIL's house in Guanajuato and spend the day with her. So, I put on some nice shorts, a blouse, and some short brown heels... perfect for a little picnic. We arrived in the little pueblito around 2:30... scanning the area for florerias. COuldn't find real flowers! Who in their right mind would give their dear momma artificial flowers for mothers day? Apparently, quite a few. Hubby was getting frustrated. We parked the car and hoofed it to the central mercado...(wishing I had brought my box of tapabocas.)Ooohhh... the roads were tore up... the sidewalks had major fault lines. I took my time walking, while hubby rushed ahead. We found some flowers, payed the tab, and headed back. Now mind you, I'm fully sleeved... which in the U.S. isn't a big deal, and only a quick second glance in Guadalajara... but in this small town, Hubby and I are a freakin side show. So, we're walking back to the car and here comes a taxi with no intentions of stopping.... hubby yells, "hurry up!" and Little One and I book it across the street...only to have the heel of my shoe wedge it's way into a nice little crevice dead center. AAAaaahhh! My fat ass went down right in the middle of centro, in the middle of the street. I swear, I could hear crickets. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit... but I did hear Little One screech out at the top of his lungs...MOOoooooOOoommy!!!! He runs back INTO the street to save me from the savage taxistas. Happy Mothers Day to me. I'm getting old.


Amanda said...

lol, thanks for sharing, this must have sucked. Just so you know Im a cluz by nature. I try to denie it often and blame it on things like being tired or hungry but really its just who I am.
Today I meet a lady at the grocery store who spoke english and she invited my family to dinner. (Whoo hoo) Im in the parking lot loading my groceries into the truck, when off rolls my car and off the side walk and falls into my truck. "Well at least there's no one out here," I'm thinking. So I turn around and fight this stupid cart back up onto the side walk, and who's the only other person in the parking lot? Oh yeah the lady who just invited me to her house. I wanted to go promise her I wouldn't break anything....
Oh well I have a dinner with an English speaking family to look forward to.

Mama of 4 said...

Aside from your fall, I hope you had a wonderful mothers day!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

okay - I cracked uo reading this!

Negretelove said...

Hey chica so happy to see you and your fam are doing so well! I have been searching for your blog for awhile then i went through some threads on PTO and bam found the link ;)
well we have been in TJ for about 6 months and getting ready to move to Guanajuato very soon!!!!!

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