Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cat Fight out front.

Those windshield washers can be pretty fiesty if they're not paid their due. Most often, they bolt towards you, having already jumped on the hood of your car and washing before you can make eye contact, with another sticking his hand out, waiting for his pay. You can yell 'NO!!!' all you want, but they'll sit and argue with you for the duration of the light and then tell you to pay them and they'll leave you alone. Pretty damn irritating, if you ask me. Hubby doesn't care. He's gotten out of the car and made his case. Unfortunetly, one guy was not so lucky. Apparently, a wiper washed his windows after the guy said no. The wiper, of course, wanted his pay, and the guy said he didn't have any. The wiper pulled the guy out of the car and started kicking his ass. Policia was right there. He grabs the victim and throws him in the back of his car while he chases the wiper. THE REST OF THE DAMN WIPERS pull the victim OUT of the police car and start kicking his ass again. Dirty women, Filthy men, kids, EVERYONE comes out and starts kicking this guy. It's like a mini-Tepito!!! Policia calls for back up. It turned into a riot. I think they arrested the whole street. Mothers were being handcuffed, Wipers.... being chased for blocks.
While watching, I asked some of my neighbors for the story and a little chit chat. Their response? 'Es una problema de la policia. That's what they get for letting this go on for so long.' A few chuckles and everyone goes back to work. Only in Mexico.

I'll be heading back to the States for a week or so. I'm excited to go back, but a little bummed to be going solo. I'll be stocking up for my store, buying lingerie (What a horrible job, I know.), getting tattoo equipment, joyeria for piercing, and all my personal addictions... hair products like Bed Head, Pureology, etc... and all the makeup that is ridiculously overpriced and crap here in Mexico such as I.d.Bare Elements, Christian Dior Mascara (to die for.) and all the Lorac and Urban Decay eyeshadows to last me a lifetime.
I still have yet to find a trusted stylist here in Mexico, so I'll prolly head back to my old salon and visit my good friend, Estela, and have her hit the roots. I also plan on working a bit in the old quiltin' business and help my mom catch up on some work. Nothing's definite yet. Still looking for some cheap flights. Any suggestions?


Amanda said...

OMG, so glad I dont live in the city. lol I think I would have been hiding behind the counter during all the fighting.
How exciting you are going back for a bit. Are you taking the kids?
Have fun and be sure to let us know how it goes.
We always use, it has always found us good flights.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I always find really good deals on Mexicana. Have a great trip.

Jane said...

I can recommend a fabulous stylist, but you have to travel to San Salvador, ES - ( hubby!!

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