Monday, April 13, 2009

Mark it on the Calendar.

Where Easter Bunny when you need him?

Being our first Easter in Mexico and determined to uphold our vital American "traditions", like Amanda,we set out to find easter egg dyes, baskets, and candy galore. We quickly learned that the Catholiscm is prevalent here... and well, the our commercialized holidays don't stand a chance. We figured that we would still dye some eggs, stuff a few, and continue on with our easter egg hunt. We tried Soriana, Mega, Superama... finally good ole trusty Walmart. To our surprise there were no hollow eggs, no easter egg dyes, no decor... nothing. Kids were really bummed. BING! my creative-self was thinking... no worries... food dye! The employees looked at me like I was nuts. They "think" they knew what I was talking about... but for eggs? No manches. When I had given up hope... those annoying things your mother always told you popped into my head. "Don't make a mess with Jello. If you stain my....." That's IT!!! I felt like Michaelangelo. or maybe like my son's fav... Superman. I saved Easter. Well, after blowing about a dozen eggs, burning my fingers, and staining my kitchen counter.... we had pastel colored eggs!!! We decorated them with Little One's crayons... and filled them with confetti.

We still got our Easter Egg Hunt at a park nearby. We forgot baskets... so those farmacia bags in the back worked just fine. Kids had a blast...despite the minor substitutions. Even better, when Dad got Moosecake with her own filled egg. Jeje.

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Amanda said...

What a great idea, Im gonna have to remember the Jello next year so we can have more than one color. :)

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