Saturday, January 24, 2009

Change for the Better


During the week, the kiddos get pretty restless. A monotonous routine of waking up & going to the shop. Twelve hours a day, they stay at the shop, bored out of their minds with homework and movies.... so on Sunday, it's THEIR day.

Last Sunday, we set out on a quest for chicken wings.

This Sunday, we visite Adventure park; a smaller than we expected Amusement Park for kids. It costs us about $340 pesos with two wristbands for the kids. Not too bad.

The second we got in, I wanted to leave. The kids started fighting. They didn't want to go on anything!!! and just when I had it.. "WAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!" Little One gets stung by a bee. Perfect. *sarcasm. This lady runs over and starts talking to him in Spanish and he's still crying. She switches to english and he stops and stares in awe. She sprayed an antibiotic on his hand and showed the kids how they could get rid of the bees by clapping. hmmm.... not a bad idea.

Well, that changed the tune real quick. Little One, my 5 year old, wimped out on just about everything... so next time, it's the 50 peso band for him. Normally, Moosecake, my 10 year old, (who picked that name out herself) wimps out on everything too. Today was different. I don't know if she's influenced by all the change this last year or so, but she went on EVERYTHING!!!


The park had extreme trampolines, Spiderwebs (which Little One loved), Go Karts (big and small), and an Extreme Zip Line high above the ground. It was like flying through the canopies... in te middle of Guadalajara, of course. She loved it! It was liberating!!!



We enjoyed our recoup day. Tomorrow we're going to check out two more schools for the kids. They will finish out the year in a Spanish speaking school. Moosecake isn't that thrilled about it though. The schools want to hold her back a year. She was honors in the States... and she doesn't think that she should be held back despite the fact that she has been out of school on homestudies for 6 months.... oh yeah... and SHE DOESN"T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE!!!!! Moosecake said I sold her out. I hope she'll have fun and make friends soon because I think she needs it more than anyone. Anywhoo.... wish us luck!!!



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