Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back to School

YIPPEEE!!!! We finally found a school for the kids..... and they're not too thrilled. They've been on vacation for the past year, it seems. Who knew that even in Mexico, all the private schools would cost a fortune.... especially for us, just starting out. We did check out quite a few schools, and either they were outdated, too strict, too Catholic, too "free" and without rules, or way to expensive. After checking out the last one, we turned the wrong way and found a school that was close to our shop, clean, Catholic, but not over Catholic, spacious, strict.. but tolerant, and the teachers were more than helpful with our kids.

Moosecake is going to be held back a year, which we decided is fine because their programs here in private schools, are more advanced than our schools in the States. She will be focusing more on understanding the language and making friends. Her schoolwork can be taken home so we can help her with it and translate it with her. Little One will go right into Kindergarten... he can handle it, I'm sure. After we get all their paperwork together, we get to buyu the oh so wonderful uniforms!!! Moosecake isn't thrilled with that one, but I told her that she could start wearing nylons or thigh highs with them.... and that was a fair comprimise. I'm so excited. Finally, Hubby and I got time to ourselves..and they get to make some friends!!!

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I've been living in Mexico now for about a two years with my hubby and 2 kids. Not exactly by choice, but we're here nonetheless. Luckily, I live with quite a few of the accomodations that i was used to in the states. In spite of those convienences, we also have a water tank with asbestos, outdated electricity, massive amounts of dust, caterpillars that burn your skin, and thousands of windshield washers on every street corner. My kiddos and I are learning to speak spanish and adjust to life away from our family and friends in the States.


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