Friday, June 11, 2010

Holy Hell....

You're never gonna believe this... but yes, after almost two years of living here and avoiding it at all costs....

I finally watched a soccer game. And not just any soccer game.

The World Cup, opening game Mexico vs. SudAfrica.

But don't give me too much credit. I didn't do it on my own.
It was actually very, very difficult to avoid. Waking up this morning, the kids were allowed to take xtra snacks and drinks (apparently face paint and jerseys, as well.) because Presidente Calderon recommended that all students be able to watch the opening game at school. The kids had no choice.

But I did.

At about 10 am... I could hear the neighbors going at it. The school across the street making noise.
WTH are they fussing about?!?

Fine. I turned it on. In between CNN, of course. Mexico was the favorite. Obviously. And from the little I knew about soccer, they looked like they were doing pretty good.
Of course, until SudAfrica had a whir of the moment chance, took it... and~

Hot Damn. I think the neighborhood was under attack. Screaming, hollering. Pinche.... blah blah.....

Damn. That sucked. Time to go to work.

Here's the crazy part. Usually, there is about a half hour of traffic on the way to work. Hubby had forewarned that during soccer time, especially important games such as this, that nothing is more important.
And then.....
***crickets chirping***
 he was right.

The city was deserted. No one on the streets. The drive took 5 minutes and before you knew it, we parked and walked to the shop.... only to see and hear EVERY POSSIBLE LOCAL THAT COULD BE OPEN AND CRAMMED WITH PEOPLE, was. Everyone had the game on. The farmacia, tienda, cafeteria, rooftop bars that only open at night, were all alive, filled to the door with excited and devoted fans. You could walk down the street and still HEAR the locutor crystal clear.

It was good to hear that Mexico scored.

You could see all the vendors, lining the streets, ready to celebrate a victory.
But no, it didn't happen.
The game finished 1-1.

The kids' teachers said that Mexico still won. If they would have been on their home turf, they would have won.

Well, I wouldn't exactly say that Mexico won this game....

But I wouldn't mind checking out the next. ;)


American Mommy in Mexico said...

Great description of The Moment in Mexico!

Husband, Oldest Son and Youngest Son all watched. When I suggested chores during the game they all looked at me like I was crazy.

Sunshine said...

I crossed over on friday and there was no line! No one was in line to go into the USA! It was awesome! Everyone was watching the game...except me! Well I did see a few min. but....

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

LMAO you still call it "soccer" :D Me too but I'm trying to stop - good LORD especialy now during the cup!
SHIT these people are serious!

And you know, it's hard not to get pulled in a bit by all of the excitement. I'm really rooting for them, rooting for the people to have something extra special to be proud of.

But I'm still not watching a game. ;D

On Mexican Time said...

Jajaja - looove it!!!

That is exactly how it was here too...Now, I´m a HUGE soccer fan... soooo... I can say it was intense... I do believe that Mexico did outplay Sur Africa, however, they let go in the second.... Our family and friends rented a hall for the match. Not a single clap at the end of the game...not one. Everyone just sorta grabbed their beers and talked about anything BUT. Not exactly how we wanted to start...

Neways, good on ya chica! LOL!!!!

Larry said...

Love your title. And especially love the story about extra snacks and drinks for the game. They must have gone crazy yesterday over France.

Jill said...

You told my story of that day just about exactly. Ahh . . .

I apologize if I've already asked you about this, but I'm writing an article about families who've decided to move to Mexico because of hitting a dead end with US immigration. If this is part of your story, I'd love to pick your brain and ask you a few questions!

Email me back at

Thanks so much!

Kirsty said...

Hahahaha entertaining post well done on keeping me entertained especially when sports are so boring.
I used to love playing soccer a few years ago... but not to watch haha... watching and playing are VERY different things.
Just found you via The Lady Bloggers Tea Party. I'm very late I know.

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