Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Expo Guadalajara

The Guadalajara Tattoo Expo is finally over. There are no words to describe how exhausted we are. Back to back expos... and everyone and their mother came down to Guadalajara to be entertained. My parents flew in to help us out with the kids, my sister and my cuñado came down for wedding info, tattoo expo, and to get tattooed, other cuñado came to get wasted and tattoo at the expo, and a gang of fellow coworkers... all down to party it up at our first anniversary party. Wow. Throw in all that with teaching a packed seminar, tattooing all weekend, and throwing a bad ass first anniversary party... and well...we're just damn exhausted. Here are some random photos of this weekend and all the crazy's in between!

Bienvenidos a todos en la Mutualista!
SOme crazy ass that burned me with that damn cigarette

My sister and her fiance....

Chespi... a guaranteed good time...

Me and Sodapop (from San Diego)

Soda gettin down with some homemade tequila!
Art couldn't resist the uh... pretty "women."

Chillin at our 1st anniversary with Mike Culley, from Colorado, The crew from Por Vida, Upland, Ca, and my Bro-in-law, Raf, from Reno NV
Watchin the show

The Black Jacks gettin down...

Hubby and Rein, from Japan

Peque, the best graffiti artist in Mexico, throwin it down for the expo. Guess who get's to keep the piece?!? :)
Hubby tattin' away...

Thank you to everyone who helped make our first year a success!!!

Mike Culley and Hubby... thanks for the machines!!!!

By the end of the expo, you can tell we were a little burnt out!

We had a blast. Throwin back chelas, joking around with old friends and new, remembering the old stories and creating new ones... we had an awesome time. We can't wait to do it again next year!


On Mexican Time said...

Looks like a fantastic time, and a pretty good crowd!! Glad you had so much support too!

Sunshine said...

You have the most fun of any one i know! I love to hear about all your adventures! Cant wait to get to Gdl!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Dude, for living in Mx you guys seriously do it RIGHT ! Happy Late Anniversary btw and congrats on everything :)

Refried Dreamer said...

Haha... thanks guys...

the Monterrey expo is next (March)..

I could use some company!!! :)

Sunshine said...

oooo March....road trip to monterrey...for sure!

Tulum Living said...

It loks like you had a great time. I am glad that all went so well. Keep on keepin' on!

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