Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine flu hits home.

I watched the mexican news this morning, looking for any information about the strain that's kept us confined these last few days. I've been disappointed in Fox News' reports, claiming that Mexico's slow response has led to over 152 unofficial deaths. On the Mexican news however, it showed the mexican government's actions against this flu strain. With supposedly 99 confirmed cases, in Mexico, President Calderon has managed to shut not only a major city, but an entire country down. Schools are closed, businesses, restaurants, government buildings, major SOCCER games, (heaven forbid!!!), travel into Mexico City etc.... to lessen the spread of this infectious virus. However, with the United States' confirmed 109 swine flu cases riding so close to Mexico, I would think that such world power would have pushed for more extreme measures in securing the health of its citizens. And it won't. Not while there is a profit to be made. VP Biden made an announcement and advised that people use common sense. In a period of sickness, it is advised to avoid areas with alot of congestion... i.e. airplanes, subways, buses, public transportation. Be safe. Period. Of course, this would affect the airlines...who made a statement soon after, stating that they have, "extreme disappointment at your (Biden's) suggestion that people should avoid air travel." And later, "The airlines have been working daily with government agencies, none of whom suggest people avoid air travel, unless they are not feeling well." Well duh. What are they going to do to make sure someone doesn't sneeze? I would love to see the response. Nevertheless, the cases have spread across the U.S. Washoe County, home, has just reported 1 confirmed case. What is the United States going to do to stop this epidemic on their end? Before they start criticizing another country, who apparently has jumped leaps after its outbreaks, what precautions are the government planning to advise? Surely, the President can close down the country, as Mexico was able to do. But I doubt it. By closing so many necesitites, it would affect our wallets. I just hope that the U.S. doesn't drop the ball.

P.S. And then my mother called to inform me that my grandmother was spreading this swine flu conspiracy theory

Gotta love the family. <3


Mama of 4 said...

I live in NV so when I heard of the confirmed case in Reno I was sure they were going to close schools down in the state but nope, no precautionary measures taken as of yet. I think the Mexican government is doing a good job based on the circumstances.

Refried Dreamer said...

Where are you from in NV? We're from Reno. My family is still there and thought the same thing... but nope, everything is still "normal." I would what kind of precautions are being planned... since the schools aren't being closed!

Mama of 4 said...

Im in Vegas

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

There is a great article in the LA times about this. There is a link on my blog. I think that the Mexican response as has been great.

CNN en Espanol is reason enough to learn English. We do not have Fox but we get 2 hours of Lou Dobbs, 2 hours of Showbiz tonight (actually it is the same hour twice!) and it seems like 20 hours of Nancy Grace. They actually cut away from Obama's 1st press conference to go to Nancy Grace. I had to try to get through it on CNN en espanol- which of course covered the whole thing! Interesting.

Refried Dreamer said...

Lou Dobbs is an idiot. I really hate hearing how his view of Mexicans/immigrants in general supposedly "represent" middle class America. I was hoping that we, as a country, have moved past the arrogant, white entitlement movements of the 50s and 60s.

Amanda said...

I completely agree with you on this post. My husband and I were just discussing how great of a job we thought the gov in Mexico was doing then I read some of the reports from the States and got all pissy about it. I was telling him about it yesterday and we were thinking the same thing. Why do they think they or any other country could have done any better. Doesn't anyone remember how horribly the bird flu got before anything was done. I know 90 cases is a lot but compared to the amount of people in the country I think they shut things down quickly. Also at my husbands work they are preaching hand washing and sneezing into sleeves. And the cashiers are wearing gloves due to the money transactions. And from what Iv been reading most grocery stores are doing the same and going as far as handing out alchole wipes to people. Being a nurse, I thought that was great.

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