Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm gonna smash that signal.

The left hand blinker. It's annoying. The guy in front of you forgot to turn it off. But its blinking. and blinking. and blinking. Before you do anything, you wonder, is it a sign? are mine on? I'll check my blinkers first before I high beam him.
Shit. I'm guilty.

On another website, I try to help women that are thinking about moving to Mexico with their husbands. The decision in itself is hard enough. I mention, despite the struggles, how great it will be for your family to stick together. The joys in the journey will prove prosperous in the end...Blah blah blah. Here I am preaching against all those that also post saying 'don't go', 'it will be a horrible experience', 'your children will suffer' etc.. when my blinker is on too.

Damn. I feel stuck. I'm so tired, and angry, and frustrated. It's been almost two years of struggle, beginning before we made the move and I'm thinking, "when is it gonna end?" I got so pissed off at hubby today, i thought about moving back! I love him. I don't want to leave him. but damn. I'm TIRED!!! so I thought, fine. I need to get away. and go where? to his mom's house, 3 hours away?!? and for what? to sit in some little ranch and watch the *ing cars? I feel trapped. and that damn blinker is starting to piss me off.

So what do I do? Go home? Stay here? Take a break? I swear, I'm wearing my body down. Maybe I should stop preaching before I am fully happy myself. Then will I be fully credible.


Sarah said...

Hi, I was wondering what your other website is. You said,
"On another website, I try to help women that are thinking about moving to Mexico with their husbands"
Well, I'm in that situation and have been creeping on alot of blogs about Mexico lately. Trying to figure out how the heck I can manage to make a move possible. If it were just me, I wouldn't be as worried, but I have a 12 year old so I have to worry about security, money, education, etc. etc. Any help/advise is appreciated!

Refried Dreamer said...

my daughter is 10.. and let me tell you, it's has def. been a challenge!!! My kids don't speak spanish... but they're slowly but surely picking it up. They both go to private school (spanish one) where it costs for the both of them about 2600 pesos a month. It's hard trying to figure out everything when you're still in the States. You kinda just gotta make the move and then opportunities will present themselves. Lemme know if you have any specific questions!

Sarah said...

I am mostly trying to figure out money I can work/start a business, how much it will cost for the move, etc. I won't have any income coming in from the states. I can make jewelry/bake on the side here for extra cash. I waitress & bartend part time also, but not sure I like the idea of doing that in Mexico. My Spanish is good, but not perfect of course! My daughter speaks none, so I know it's going to be hard for her. My main concern is work really and making enough money to just survive. My partner is working right now in tourism in Mexico (he was deported too, long story) but I don't really want to be somewhere too touristy...maybe we'll have to? I feel like my head is going to explode. By the way, I love that you and your husband tattoo. My mom has been tattooing for about 10 years! I wish I could talk her into moving with me! :o)

Refried Dreamer said...

haha.. your mom is awesome! well... it's def. better to work for yourself if you can. it's helped us a great deal. But we sold everything we had to come up with the money b4 we left. my hubby spend about 20k+ opening a tattoo shop and starting off our house. I bought my sex shop when the opportunity arose... but i'm not profiting off of it yet. Bartenders do pretty good down here... if you can hustle. There's sooo many bars here in GDL, it's for jewelry/baking... services like that run hella cheap. it's like if i was doing hair back in the States. I could charge 35 bucks. Here in mexico, that's like charging 500 pesos.... crazy... when they charge about 50-100. it's just not worth the effort. :( your spanish will get better, no doubt.. but it will be difficult with your little one. They are def. a handful!!!

Sarah said...

Well, I guess I will have to just keep thinking all this $%&* through. I never imagined myself in this situation (can we say nervous breakdown anyone?!), but I suppose it's not the end of the world. I do get sick of the manic American lifestyle at times, everyone is so focused on work & money and not really family anymore. Maybe this will help me re-focus a little. Maybe when I'm in Guadalajara, I will stop by your shop and say hi (we have family there already, so we visit at least once every year). If we do make the big move, then it will sure be nice to have a friend or two!!! Even if it's just an email buddy :)

Refried Dreamer said...

sounds like a plan. Don't stress it too much now... i did... and it drove me nuts!!! besides, you'll figure it all out when you come down here. What i did do in advance: rent my house, pay off the cars, enroll my daughter in homestudies (that way, if we ever did come back, she was never officially taken out of the school system, plan a curriculum for her until we found a school, bought rosetta stone language program, hmmm..... bought as much shit as I could from the States to bring down with me... i.e. makeup, flavored coffee creamer, hair stuff (hair junkie!) and the stuff to set up shop in mexico. THAT you can plan in advance.... where you will live, if you need to rent, you will need an "aval", someone who owns property that will cosign with you, in case you default. If you've got family here, that's perfect! you're a step ahead of where we were. Right now, I would just try to figure out WHERE in Mexico you wanna go. Good luck. keep in toucH!

Kimberly said...

Hello there, girl you have me in tears and laughing at the same time. I want to comend you in your efforts. My prayers are with you and your family. You have a beautiful family and you seem like a go getter dont let these stupid immigration laws bring you and your family down. They are outdated and hopefully wil be changed soon. The states is not getting any better. Im actually building in my mother's country (ecuador) with plans to move there in the next few years. This may sounds religious but God has you and yours exactly where you need to be. XOXOXO

Kim T

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