Saturday, January 24, 2009


Things here in Mexico are quite different than the states. Back home, pipes run underground,water is pumped into your home, and the water is clean. Mexico has a different theory. First, you have a big tinaco on the roof of your house. (a big rubber can that holds all your home's water), a water pump, lots of pipes running through your house. The water pump pumps the govt water to the tinaco....then, GRAVITY sends the water through your house....which is why we needed to buy an ADDITIONAL water pump for the wash machine.

The tank we had on the house when we moved in was incredibly old and small. We had various people come inspect the home for defects or just plain broken stuff. When we had it checked out, the water was dirty and the tank, being so old, had asbestos in it. The plumber said not to worry about it, threw in some tablets and off he went.Well, for the last six months, the tablets wore off. Being that I have psoriasis some parts of the year, began to burn my skin. It was irritating and after hearing all the horror stories of asbestos, we changed the tank.

Home Depot has really brought alot to Mexico. We were able to find a safe, thick, and affordable tank WITH the pump and an additional filter for the water. Are we able to drink it directly from the faucet? nope. but i can wash vegetables, and the water no longer smells like chlorine.

I still have to wait for the water delivery guy.


American Mommy in Mexico said...

Hmmmm. Read most of your blog. Sounds like a rough plurge into a new life. I look forward to reading the journey!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Maybe the word is Plunge!

Life is your guru said...

Oh goodness wonder if we have abestos...sometimes our water smells like rotten eggs...yuck..the things we get used to living in MX.

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