Saturday, January 24, 2009

At it again...

moms-pics-009Today was Hubby's and my four year anniversary. We decided to lay low tonight and cook up some Thai food with the kids, and enjoy a bottle of wine. Today was pretty calm... EXCEPT that Hubby let me start another tattoo on him... my third one....3 times as complicated as the last. My painting ==============>>> on the left, of the skull with the rose, is what he wanted. kinda difficult for uh.. a beginner. But he was confident that it could be done. I talked him down to just the roses. He bought me some beer, again to calm my nerves, and off we went!!!

So, we started with the line work. Yup, pretty solid and clean. Then, for the first time, I did a little bit of shading. He called it quits. The tattoo was on his inner thigh and it is a painful area. We called it quits for today... but it came out great. We'll start the overlay of color as soon as it heals. He was surprised to see that i picked up the flow of shading pretty quick. In fact, two other tattoo artists happened to come in right after he told me to start shading. They were impressed... even more so after they found out that it was my third tattoo. Then the excuses started...."Well, I was self taught..." I got a little nervous when one stood right over my shoulder while I was still shading and watched my "technique" intensely. While I wanted to wet my pants, my self confidence overcomed and I just kept going. I was pretty proud of myself. I'm excited for the next session. We'll fill color and line the skull. and did I get paid? he'll pay me tonight. ;)

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