Saturday, May 8, 2010

In case you haven't noticed....

It's hot.

Oh mi God.

This heat is becoming unbearable. Yesterday, by the house, was 99 freakin degrees outside and it doesn't seem like it's gonna stop anytime soon.

Next weekend we'll be heading to an expo in Veracruz and I'm afraid I won't survive. The heat, I will assume, will be unbearable and the humidity? who knows. Nevertheless, Cordoba here we come!

Some good news, for those of you that are interested in travelling and have, e'hem, spouses with less than ideal records...... Hubby recently applied for his passport, slightly nervous that for some odd reason, he would have complications.

Nothing!  He ended up going to the registro who sent him to a separate office nearby. He was there for about 2 hours, took his photos, filled out his app., they took his brand new (within 6 months old) birth certificate and whoila!!!  His 3 year passport will be in the mail in the next two weeks! That was it! ( i think ending cost was a little over 1000 pesos...but don't quote me on that one.)

You can find out where to get your mexican passport in your area here and how much it will be here.

I'm super excited that all of this worked out since we recently found out that hubby nailed a spot in both the London tattoo show and the Barcelona Tattoo show, this September. Even better, both shows dance around my upcoming dirty-thirty. We've been wanting to travel to ANYWHERE in Europe as long as I can remember....and that dream happened to be one of the reasons we filed petitions to rectify hubby's status in the States... and the denial that thus, resulted in our current, uh.... location. It's supposed to be one of the most amazing shows out there and we're really excited to take part in it. We'll be hanging out with some amazing and inspiring people and have the opportunity to backpack wherever our journey happens to take us.

But until then, we're gonna have to budget ourselves.

It was great to have some good news after another crappy attempt at moving our sex shop to a better location. We got all the way to contract/deposit/designing proposed changes to a building that seriously needed improvement... only to meet the owner at the very last minute. Ugh! Not only did he talk down to us, but shot down every one of our proposed changes/additions. We modified and kept trying to make the transaction and only to be shot down repeatedly. He didn't want to change his crappy building and apparently, thought that his generic dirty building was reminiscint of the 50-60s era. Institutionalized windows and cracky paint aren't a style, man) Sooooo.... we're still on the hunt for a new local.


Other than that..... it's really f'in hot.

and all I seem to want is a really cold beer.


PuertoVallartaGirl said...

hey thats great. yeah my husband got a passport easily too, but I was wondering what countries you could travel to without a visa. you know freakin canada just changed the visa requirements last spring for mexicans. What are they like for (mexicans) for spain and the uk?

Sunshine said...

Great to hear about the hibs got his super duper fast us more about getting Visas to travel to Europe....we soooo want to go tooo!

Leah Flinn said...

I have been hiding in the A/C all day. It's been in the mid 90's - 100 all week, no rain and very high humidity. Good news is that Cordoba is milder than where I am on the coast, since it sits a bit above sea level. So when you're dying in the heat remember that I've got it worse. ;-)

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

LOL where did the freaking COLD go and damn it WHERE IS SPRING???? :D

YAY on the passport and HOLY COW YAY on his London and Barcelona opportunities! That's freaking CRAZY awesome!!!

And one more "boo" to the heat :)

Refried Dreamer said...

PVG: From what I've heard... Spain and UK like Mexicans more than from the US. Spain is the hardest to become a citizen of. A friend of hubby's went over there and married a gal, and is STILL having a hard time!

Sunshine: Glad to hear! As soon as I find out more info, I'll let you know!

FL: OMIGOD....We;re gonna die! Rain just came in last nite in GDL, and hopefully it'll be a little cooler on your end too!

Gringa:Hell if I know. Now I hear we enter rainy season AGAIN?!?

Vadose said...

So Hot! Hey - I heard y'all got rain up there. Here on the lake we just got lightening. Still, if the heat persists you're welcome to come sit in my kiddie pool and drink beer with me. That's where I plan to be until the rains arrive in San Juan.

Three cheers for his passport! Your travel ideas sound awesome. I've heard Mexicans can go to Japan without a visa. My hubs has one too, but we've been to broke to go anywhere.

Word of caution: be sure that he doesn't need a transit visa for anywhere. That is, he can't fly through the US to get to Europe, for example. Makes it harder to get a cheap flight.

Anonymous said...

good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................

Leslie Limon said...

London AND Barcelona? That is AWESOME!

And I hear ya on the heat! But after the really cold winter, I have sworn not too complain about the heat. (I seriously doubt that I'll be able to follow through on that one!)

What neighborhood in Guadalajara is your shop?

On Mexican Time said...

Say What!!! A gig in London and Barcelona, you guys will have a freaking BLAST in September!!!

The heat has been awful over here as well!! I don't even want to see the electrical bill when it comes, yikes!! My hair is atrocious, especially after the terrible hair cut I got down here!!

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