Sunday, January 10, 2010

Indoor Fireworks and Tamales Galore.

2009 ended wonderfully and the new year started off with a bang. We spent Christmas at hubby's family's house in San Francisco de Rincon with  the largest nacimiento known to mankind. The kids took part in creating the room-size display, adding Spiderman and a few Bakugans to watch over Mother Mary. At midnight, rocking baby Jesus was followed by the Mexican tradition of throwing confetti and lighting fireworks indoors. And then the party officially began.

Hubby wasn't messin around!!!  The mexican version of Christmas is waaaay cool. Guests began to arrive at midnight, spiked ponche passed around, and tamales galore. Kids were running everywhere.... falling asleep in random places. And the grownups? They weren't finished till about 6 am. And EVERYONE showed up with a bottle.

Christmas Day was the best. It was the first Christmas that I've ever spent without some kind of obligation. Usually, it was a day of hustle... rushing to different houses to spend a few hours and some Xmas cheer. By the end of the day, we were always exhausted. It was never a day to really relax.  This year was different. We finally went to bed at 7 am.... the kids woke up late and spent the day in their pjs playing with toys.... and we relaxed the ENTIRE day. It was wonderful.

I hope everyone's Christmas was perfect. :)


On Mexican Time said...

That sounds fun amiga!!

Happy New Year

Ritamg said...

My Christmas? All I can say is in Ciudad Valles it was party, party, party and tequila, tequila, tequila. I had to go home to dry out. It's was nice to read you had such a great holiday!

Amanda said...

sounds like a blast although I know I wouldn't have lasted till 7am. lol

Sunshine said...

Sounds kind of like our christmas....i think they stayed up till the sun came up...At least the musica was turned up loud all freaking night long! And Christmas day started out very laid back till we were invited to a baptism party and jumped started day #2 of more alcohol....hey Rita...must i remind you of the cowboy?

Mama of 4 said...

So happy to hear that you had a great Christmas holiday, you deserved it, it has been an eventful year for you!

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